Monday, 9 November 2015

Not one of us is more loved than another.

Hey hey

This week we went to Hermosillo and well the offices had told us the bus left at 5:30 but it actually left at 5. So I missed the bus and the next one to leave was at 8. It was crazy and I was going to have to travel alone but I asked if my companion could come with me and Presidente said yes. So we had a night-long bus ride and we were so exhausted when we got there haha. It was an adventure. 
But the counsel was really good. President presented a new plan he had for the mission. And then we held a zone meeting the next day and explained everything to all the missionaries. 
Yesterday we took an investigator to her Young Women's class, and she is super shy and hasn't been liking it. So we told her we would go in with her. I was sad to see how there were several shy girls kinda not in the group and the more popular girls sat together. I love the youth so much and it breaks my heart to see someone feel excluded because I understand how badly you want to be involved and be included. I have come to have a greater understanding of how much our Heavenly Father loves us each individually. It is an immense love, a perfect love that we can't even understand it fully. And we are his sons and daughters with the potential to be like him. Not one of us is more loved than another.
Glad to know you're all doing well. Take care, LOVE YOU!