Monday, 26 October 2015

you guys should read Mosiah 4:19


So this week was pretty good. Had several events happen hehe. But me and my companion have been working super hard this week. We actually made the mission goals this week and we were soo happy about it. Last week we were reflecting on how great the prophets were, like all that Joseph Smith had done, and the prophets in the Book of Mormon. They were great men, but Heavenly Father loves all of his children equally. So what made them able to do the amazing things they did? The only difference was their faith. And that really stuck to me and this week me and my companion were really excited and had the determination to complete all of our goals. It was exciting.
So today me and my companion went to the border of the States! And took pictures, right now this computer isn't letting me send any so next week I will try again. 
Honestly nothing else is really new, i can't think of anything hehe. But you guys should read Mosiah 4:19. I love that verse. How we all depend on the Lord. It is sooo true. 
Sorry this email is so short this week. LOVE YOU!

PS. I say for Christmas we do whatever you wanna do. I'm good with anything as long as i'm with the family! love you all