Monday, 19 October 2015

This week we had some good experiences.

Hi Everyone,

This week we had some good experiences. Me and my companion decided to do a fast to find more chosen ones. We didn't really have a private place to start our prayer so we did it in the corner by an abandoned house. I noticed this older looking guy walked past us and then walked past us again! All in like 2 minutes. But we said our prayer and kept walking to our next appointment. We saw him again and this time he stopped us and asked us to visit him in his home. He mentioned that he was having problems fighting and stuff with his wife and just wanted his family to be happy. It was really cool that he came and talked to us. It is one thing President is really talking a lot about. Is having the faith to find people to teach. 
We had a zone conference as well and President talked about the strength of our message. There was this talk in a general conference he quoted about staying in the boat. Anyways President talked about that and how we are in the gospel/boat and if we want to back out or jump off we are jumping into water where we will drown or get lost. There is no other way. Only to stay on the boat and keep going. We talked about the blessings that were restored through the prophet Joseph Smith that we would lose immediately if we were in the water. Eternal families, Priesthood, Scriptures, Celestial Kingdom, etc. It reminded me a lot of Mosiah 2. I would recommend you all read that chapter and highlight v41. It is my favourite verse :)
The weather is cooling down a lot. Its kinda nice because there are so many hills here and I get hot so fast. I love you all so much. I have the greatest family in the world that's for sure :)

Hermana Blackmore