Monday, 5 October 2015

think of our mothers because they bear with us


Wasn't conference so awesome? I loved all of them and have some favourites but I agree with Sabrina I loved Elder Holland´s talk on mothers. It was really tender and moving how he compared the love of a mother to a very similar love the Saviour has for us. And said how in any moment of temptation we should think of the Saviour and the Atonement, but also think of our mothers because they bear with us and will be heartbroken. 
There was so much good stuff that was given. I really encourage you, if you haven't watched it please take the time to do it. 
This week we kinda had a harder day. All our appointments fell and it was pretty late and we were tired but felt like we weren't getting anything done because no one wanted to hear. We walked by this gravel road and saw a lady coming up the hill with a bunch of bags of groceries and went up to her and asked her if she wanted help. As soon as we talked she put the bags down and I didn't want to let this moment pass by because every single person i have ever asked on my mission to let us help them with their bags, say no because they think we are going to steal it. So i just grabbed them right away and was like ¨We won't steal them I promise¨ and started walking with her to her house. She was really nice and let us in, gathered her 3 kids and paid full attention as we taught the Restoration. It was such a blessing. We walked out humbled that the Lord gave us this opportunity and lead us to this person. Some days may not go the way we want it to, or the way we planned. But we need to trust in the Lord and just be obedient and keep his commandments then everything will work out because he has HIS plan prepared.
Here are some pictures during General Conference. My companion has some cool glasses I like wearing them hehe. 

Take lots of care, love you!

Hermana Blackmore