Monday, 12 October 2015

he can really be our strength


This week I went into Hermosillo for a counsel that we had with President and the leaders. It was very spiritual and we came out with the desires of working harder and giving it everything we got. 
On Saturday night our neighbor decided to throw a party and blasted music sooo loud at 3 in the morning. Me and my companion were so mad and I wished so bad I could call the cops and that they would do someting about it because its disturbing the peace right? But its something that no one cares about here. We were so tired in the morning for church and then I was playing prelude in sacrament meeting and then the Pte stood up to start and said I would be playing piano. I got sooo nervous! Thank goodness they were songs I knew how to play haha. 
Its also getting a lot colder here. I now sleep with a sweater and the hoodie on and socks. So dad maybe the temperature says its still hot but I am freeeeezing!
I love the scripture in 2 Nefi 22. Well the whole chapter. But it says : He aquí, Dios es mi salvación; confiare y no temeré, porque el Señor Jehova es mi fortaleza y mi canción; y también ha llegado a ser salvación para mi.
I just love how much trust it says we should have in the Lord. And how he can really be our strength. And our salvation. It says so much in the scriptures that we can not be saved through any other way or man except by Jesus Christ. The Atonement is so so important.
I have attached pictures of me and President Robinson and his wife and me and the Elders I travelled with to Hermosillo. And me and my crazy comp hehehe 
Have a great week,


Hermana Blackmore