Monday, 26 October 2015

you guys should read Mosiah 4:19


So this week was pretty good. Had several events happen hehe. But me and my companion have been working super hard this week. We actually made the mission goals this week and we were soo happy about it. Last week we were reflecting on how great the prophets were, like all that Joseph Smith had done, and the prophets in the Book of Mormon. They were great men, but Heavenly Father loves all of his children equally. So what made them able to do the amazing things they did? The only difference was their faith. And that really stuck to me and this week me and my companion were really excited and had the determination to complete all of our goals. It was exciting.
So today me and my companion went to the border of the States! And took pictures, right now this computer isn't letting me send any so next week I will try again. 
Honestly nothing else is really new, i can't think of anything hehe. But you guys should read Mosiah 4:19. I love that verse. How we all depend on the Lord. It is sooo true. 
Sorry this email is so short this week. LOVE YOU!

PS. I say for Christmas we do whatever you wanna do. I'm good with anything as long as i'm with the family! love you all

Monday, 19 October 2015

This week we had some good experiences.

Hi Everyone,

This week we had some good experiences. Me and my companion decided to do a fast to find more chosen ones. We didn't really have a private place to start our prayer so we did it in the corner by an abandoned house. I noticed this older looking guy walked past us and then walked past us again! All in like 2 minutes. But we said our prayer and kept walking to our next appointment. We saw him again and this time he stopped us and asked us to visit him in his home. He mentioned that he was having problems fighting and stuff with his wife and just wanted his family to be happy. It was really cool that he came and talked to us. It is one thing President is really talking a lot about. Is having the faith to find people to teach. 
We had a zone conference as well and President talked about the strength of our message. There was this talk in a general conference he quoted about staying in the boat. Anyways President talked about that and how we are in the gospel/boat and if we want to back out or jump off we are jumping into water where we will drown or get lost. There is no other way. Only to stay on the boat and keep going. We talked about the blessings that were restored through the prophet Joseph Smith that we would lose immediately if we were in the water. Eternal families, Priesthood, Scriptures, Celestial Kingdom, etc. It reminded me a lot of Mosiah 2. I would recommend you all read that chapter and highlight v41. It is my favourite verse :)
The weather is cooling down a lot. Its kinda nice because there are so many hills here and I get hot so fast. I love you all so much. I have the greatest family in the world that's for sure :)

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 12 October 2015

he can really be our strength


This week I went into Hermosillo for a counsel that we had with President and the leaders. It was very spiritual and we came out with the desires of working harder and giving it everything we got. 
On Saturday night our neighbor decided to throw a party and blasted music sooo loud at 3 in the morning. Me and my companion were so mad and I wished so bad I could call the cops and that they would do someting about it because its disturbing the peace right? But its something that no one cares about here. We were so tired in the morning for church and then I was playing prelude in sacrament meeting and then the Pte stood up to start and said I would be playing piano. I got sooo nervous! Thank goodness they were songs I knew how to play haha. 
Its also getting a lot colder here. I now sleep with a sweater and the hoodie on and socks. So dad maybe the temperature says its still hot but I am freeeeezing!
I love the scripture in 2 Nefi 22. Well the whole chapter. But it says : He aquí, Dios es mi salvación; confiare y no temeré, porque el Señor Jehova es mi fortaleza y mi canción; y también ha llegado a ser salvación para mi.
I just love how much trust it says we should have in the Lord. And how he can really be our strength. And our salvation. It says so much in the scriptures that we can not be saved through any other way or man except by Jesus Christ. The Atonement is so so important.
I have attached pictures of me and President Robinson and his wife and me and the Elders I travelled with to Hermosillo. And me and my crazy comp hehehe 
Have a great week,


Hermana Blackmore


Monday, 5 October 2015

think of our mothers because they bear with us


Wasn't conference so awesome? I loved all of them and have some favourites but I agree with Sabrina I loved Elder Holland´s talk on mothers. It was really tender and moving how he compared the love of a mother to a very similar love the Saviour has for us. And said how in any moment of temptation we should think of the Saviour and the Atonement, but also think of our mothers because they bear with us and will be heartbroken. 
There was so much good stuff that was given. I really encourage you, if you haven't watched it please take the time to do it. 
This week we kinda had a harder day. All our appointments fell and it was pretty late and we were tired but felt like we weren't getting anything done because no one wanted to hear. We walked by this gravel road and saw a lady coming up the hill with a bunch of bags of groceries and went up to her and asked her if she wanted help. As soon as we talked she put the bags down and I didn't want to let this moment pass by because every single person i have ever asked on my mission to let us help them with their bags, say no because they think we are going to steal it. So i just grabbed them right away and was like ¨We won't steal them I promise¨ and started walking with her to her house. She was really nice and let us in, gathered her 3 kids and paid full attention as we taught the Restoration. It was such a blessing. We walked out humbled that the Lord gave us this opportunity and lead us to this person. Some days may not go the way we want it to, or the way we planned. But we need to trust in the Lord and just be obedient and keep his commandments then everything will work out because he has HIS plan prepared.
Here are some pictures during General Conference. My companion has some cool glasses I like wearing them hehe. 

Take lots of care, love you!

Hermana Blackmore