Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I had to travel to Nogales

Hello family!

Well this week was pretty good. Several things happened like my best friend on the mission Hna Fletcher left on Thursday. And President did a dinner for her and let her invite some sister missionaries so I went to say goodbye to her and ate dinner at President's house. It was so awesome because his wife made mashed potatoes with roast and gravy and homemade bread just like how mom makes it!! I seriously almost died! It was funny cause there was some latinas there and they were so hesitant on how to eat and didn't know what to do at first haha. 
Also on Sunday we got to watch the rededication of the Mexico City Temple. It was really awesome. There were 3 sessions and I kept remembering when the Vancouver Temple was dedicated and how cool of an experience that was. One thing that I really liked in the talks was that it was mentioned how we need to always have a temple recommend, and if we don't, it should be our number 1 goal in life to become worthy or change whatever we need as soon as possible so we can have a recommend and receive the wonderful blessings that are inside the temple.
I remember last week we taught a less active guy. And he told us his story of why he stopped going to church. Basically he got offended by the members and he was telling us how his mind is telling him to go back to church but his heart is still so hurt and he feels so much anger that he will not. He definitely has a testimony (obviously its not that strong but he knows its true) but I felt soo bad for him. I just wanted to cry and told him how the covenants he made are with God when he was baptized, not the members of the church. And that God expects him to stay true to his part. How sad it is when we let the anger and hurt overcome us that we don't even realize we are only hurting ourselves and missing out on blessings God wants to give us. We can't let the world or man get in the way of our salvation. It is only a distraction and sadly, Satan is doing a good job on luring away.
Well we had transfers on Monday. That is why I did not write yesterday sooorry. I had to travel to Nogales 5 hours north of Hermosillo on the border to the States and pick up my daughter in the offices who I am training! 
She is from Utah and doesn't speak Spanish so it´ll be fun we are opening area and I still have to do exchanges with the other sisters and see how they are doing. So i've got a lot and been keeping busy. 
Miss you all so much! Les quiero y no olvidan a leer el Libro de Mormon por favor!!!

Hermana Blackmore