Monday, 3 August 2015

Its really an honor and such a privilege to be able to go


Haha Dad I loved your email and how detailed it was hehe. How is everyone doing? This last week was super interesting. Our air conditioning broke in our room and I woke up sweating and wondering why it wouldn't turn on! It was an adventure. 
This last week we got to go to the temple. We took a bus to Hermosillo and President picked us up and we stayed the night at his house, had dinner with him and Hna Robinson, it was really nice and then did a session the next day. And on Sunday President came to our ward here in Guaymas and it was testimony meeting. Because there were transfers, half the missionaries here were leaving and we all stood up and bore our testimonies and everyone was crying. But it was so spiritual. I really look up to every missionary here who leaves everything behind, including their families, and go to an unknown place, not knowing a single person, and preach the gospel. I was thinking that during the testimonies and then I thought oh yeah I did that too but I don't really think about it. Its really an honor and such a privilege to be able to go. This morning my companion Hna Sanchez left to Hermosillo because she finished and man we were cryyyying! In front of everyone (embarrassing) but I have just grown to love her so much and can't imagine being in her position!

I love this time I have. I have thought a lot on how dad said to remember always the reason why you're here. Ya its nice to make friends and do things as a zone but that's not the purpose of serving a mission. 
Well today is a new transfer and I will be receiving my new companion later tonight. Her name is Hna Maea from Utah. I miss you all and hope your enjoying the summer weather. Its reaally hot here but I feel like its easier this year to get through it because I know what to expect. 
I attached some pictures for you! Take care, sorry my past emails may seem so bland.

Hermana Blackmore