Monday, 20 July 2015

We are so lucky to not have these in Canada


Well this week went pretty good. I got my stitches out and I almost fainted! It was so weird but the feeling of the doctor pulling them out made me feel light headed and had to lay down for a bit haha so strange! But I was pretty happy thats over and done with.
It was nice because we had interviews with President this week. And Hermana Robinson asked me what were my goals coming here on the mission and I just said ¨uhhhhhhhhhhh¨ and remembered that I really didnt have any goals. That I just came because I knew it was the right thing but had no idea where it would lead me or what to do. And then on the mission you really learn to make goals and think about what you want to accomplish. Its a good habit during and after when your in the real world. 
One thing President told me to do was instead of trying to develop the attributes of Christ, focus on trying to work like him and naturally you will develop the qualities that he has. I really liked that. In every situation you are in, asking yourself what would Jesus do. How would he plan right now? How would he study? How would he teach? How would he have success in this area? It gave me something to reflect on and think about.
I am attaching this picture of a lizzard that was in our room this morning and above my bed. I jumped and ran for the broom to get it out of the house ahaha. We are so lucky to not have these in Canada.
Miss you all and pray for you. You're the best

Hermana Blackmore