Monday, 13 July 2015

Hermosillo is super hot right now!


How are you all? Well this week was a lot better, I am healing a lot and this week I am getting my stitches out which will be great.
We went up with the zone leaders to Hermosillo to a conference and it was really cool. All the mission leaders were there and President and he presented us with a plan he has for the mission. Honestly he got us all sooo pumped to work because we are doing things a little different now. For example, he asked for special permission to allow us to knock on doors which is sooo sweet. He is just wanting us to work work work and has a lot of energy.
Also Hermosillo is super hot right now! When we got off the bus you could definitely feel a difference it was like whaaaaaow. Andddd the best news .... President took off the rule of wearing tights so now we don't have to worry about that :)
I can't think of much else. We have been working hard and doing exchanges with the members here too. I have grown to love my companion so much. Since we have had to stay in the house a bit we have gotten to know each other so well. And I always feel so bad for her because its so boring and there is nothing for her to do but she is so patient still and always helping me out with things. We were talking about how you learn to love your comps on the mission and serve no matter what and then brought up how easily we serve here but before the mission we would get mad at our brothers and sisters if they did something for example get mad if we mopped and they walked and left footprints on the floor. And we were just thinking how can we get mad at the people we love most! Like who cares! Just mop again. Haha I love you guys. I am so glad to see that you are all happy and keeping busy. All is well here, the same stuff. Sorry this email is short but not sure what else to say just that keep reading the scriptures and praying!

Hermana Blackmore