Monday, 15 June 2015

it was really sweet to see

Heey family

Well this last week was awesome because we had a baptism! Nahomi got baptized and it was really sweet to see. Their whole family was crying and it was just a beautiful experience. I'll attach pictures for you to see.

The day before we also went to a baptism in the ward of a member family. Me and my comp were sitting there and all of a sudden they announced ¨and Hermana Blackmore will give her testimony on baptism and Hermana Panohaya will give hers on the Holy Spirit¨ I seriously was speechless because it was completely unplanned and I got reaaaally nervous standing up there in front of everyone. I couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards and felt so embarrassed and my poor comp did as well haha but hey that's what happens as missionaries.
I also spoke on Sunday on missionary work. Got really nervous as well but once I was up there i felt fine and was able to express myself and my ideas that came to my head. Oh also got asked to talk in the District Meeting today. (a lot of talks this week) 
Hmmm trying to think what else is new....... ah, we have no water! Don't know why but woke up this morning and nothing! So we gotta figure that out because we neeeed to shower!
Well I am reading in 1 Nephi again. I really admire him and how brave he was. Even in front of his brothers who always murmured about everything he was still obedient and trusted in the Lord. I love how plainly he speaks and then says that those who get offended or take the truth to be hard are those who are doing exactly what you shouldn't. Because if you were you wouldn't feel that way. He is awesome. Also talked about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. How the Book of Mormon was going to come forth to the world and testify of Christ and compliment the Bible. I love that book so much and how there is always something you can learn from reading it. 
Well after we are done writing we are doing a family home evening with the familia Bustamante I am pretty excited. 
I love you all and hope you have an excellent week :)