Monday, 29 June 2015

I wish I could send pictures

Heey everyone,

Well Guaymas is very different than Hermosillo. First off it is reaaaally humid out. And our house has no air conditioning besides our bedrooms. So during our studies its a little difficult because I am constantly hot/sweaty. Our shower doesn´t work, we shower with a bucket and dump it on our head, and our washer doesn´t work either. Laaame. But its all good. Different experience. But the first day we were walking under this tree and a bird pooped on my head and it went all on my shirt it was disgusting. I just started laughing while one of the sisters started wiping me with a kleenex and asked why I was laughing but seriously i just thought oh man what else is there to do? Other than that Guaymas is really pretty. The ocean is nearby and we get to see it when we walk up the hills. I wish I could send pictures but the computers here are super old school. When I can i´ll send them. 
We are teaching a woman right now who is progressing a lot. But the only thing is that she smokes. And she is trying to quit. Its really interesting because its the first time I´ve worked with someone who has addiction problems. But my testimony has grown a lot on the Word of Wisdom. Its sad to see a person struggle and not be able to control their desire to drink, smoke, or do drugs. Those who obey are truly blessed and are free. 
Have I talked about my companion to you guys? She is from the Dominican Republic and she goes home at the end of this transfer. She is pretty cool we can relate a lot and have a lot of the same ideas which is great. 
Our ward is nice. The church here is sooo pretty and its a tourist area here so lots of Americans come to the ward even though they don´t know Spanish. I felt weird though when they would talk to me in English haha. 
Well we are receiving our new President tomorrow. It will be interesting. Can´t think of much else. Sounds like everyone is doing great I miss you all and don´t go a day without reading your scriptures or saying your prayers. Its super important. Also family home evening. Please be diligent. I know the Lord will continue to bless you only if you keep the commandments. So be worthy of that promise :)


Hermana Blackmore