Monday, 1 June 2015

I probably say that in every email

Heeey todos!

How are you all doing?
This week not sure if you saw the temperature but it boomed and brought back deja vu of last year. It is reaaaaally hot out. But this year I am determined to use an umbrella even though i dont want to because thats what the Jehovah's Witnesses use here and then people think we are them! I get so much more tired during the day and I tried remembering how I made it through last year and I am hoping eating more will help. More fruits and vegetables and such. So I´ll see how this week goes.
Well we have a baptism thats coming up soon. We reactivated this family who stopped going to church for 10 years so it was like teaching a new person the gospel. The sons are great. One wants to serve a mission and we are really excited for them. This last week we had a lesson with them and one of them is still a little shaky on his testimony. He isn't sure if its true that we have a prophet in real life that can speak with God and receive revelation. I remembered the time when as a youth we had TYC and went down to Vancouver for the opening of the temple and we saw the prophet and his counselors. It was awesome. It was super cool that they were able to watch our performance and the Spirit was so strong. Especially when he was leaving and it was unplanned but everyone burst out singing We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet. I shared my testimony of him and invited the family to keep reading the Book of Mormon because that is the key in receiving a testimony.
I loved church yesterday because the Bishop spoke strongly on reading the scriptures and prayer. He said that he wants the ward to focus more on doing it in their homes and they will see the blessings that come of it. 
I love you all so much. I probably say that in every email but I mean it haha. You guys are the best and throughout my mission I also think of how I can help you guys in your needs and I really worry about you. I mean I am sure your all fine but still haha. Keep living the gospel, and not just going to church and paying your tithing, but make it a lifestyle, a need you cannot live without. I pray for you all every night!

Hermana Blackmore