Monday, 22 June 2015

cosas dificiles vale la pena


We sorted out our water problem last week, turns out someone robbed the knob outside because it was made of copper and you can sell copper here. So we phoned up the Bishop and he fixed our water so we had it again. 
Also HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD. Miss you lots and love you!
And Happy Birthday Vicky on Sunday! You're growing up so fast.
Well big news. We had transfers today and I traveled this morning south to a smaller city called Guaymas, its along the ocean and reaaally pretty. I am now a Sister Training Leader. My new companion is Hna Sanchez she is from the Dominican Republic. I am sooo nervous and wonder what I can teach the sisters and thinking about capacitating the missionaries scares me a little. But I guess we will see how it goes haha. Its way less hotter here than Hermosillo, more humid because of the ocean nearby but there is always a little breeze which is nice. 
I said goodbye to everyone in Cuauhtemoc and it was really sad. Bore my testimony in church yesterday and my poor companion was struggling all week. She was sad to see me leave and I think a little scared now that she is done her training, haha she was great I´ll miss her for sure. 
Well this week we talked a lot about trials and challenges in our life, and something that President said is that cosas dificiles vale la pena. I like that a lot because we can't expect to earn something without paying a price for it, and being willing to do it. I have learned that and seen it many times throughout the mission. We had a special zone meeting to say goodbye to President and his wife. He was crying and told us to be diligent and give our all to the mission. Really powerful.
Well I was hoping to send you pictures but this computer is not letting me, I´ll try again next week. I miss you all and love you!

Hermana Blackmore