Monday, 18 May 2015

Well the nail clippers i bought seem to have worked


Man so much exciting news back home! It feels like so much has changed but that's cool i kinda like change. 
Not sure if I mentioned in my previous emails but the area of the seventy is really trying to get us to focus on teaching tithing and keeping the sabbath day holy. This week we have taught several families the Sabbath Day. And I have understood more and felt the desire more to keep that commandment. I have really liked that here part of keeping the Sabbath Day holy means wearing your sunday clothes after church as well. Just because we are home doesn't mean the Lord's day has ended. But that we should continue to uplift ourselves spiritually and dedicate that day. He only asks 1 day of the week. I know the Lord will bless his children if we strive to honour it. I love Sundays so much. You feel so refreshed and spiritually renewed and determined to be obedient.
Well the nail clippers i bought seem to have worked, because I got another ingrown toe nail last week and I was really bummed thinking we´d have to make another trip to the clinic but i soaked my feet to soften the nail and was able to dig it out myself woohoo 3-1 .
I wish I had some exciting news hehe like you Dad hehe, but i can't seem to think of any. Me and my comp are working hard in our area. I know its hard for her to adapt and each person is different to the time they get the hang of missionary life, but she is really sweet. And I have learned a lot from her. She is very humble and quiet. She tells me i am very direct and that the people in Hermosillo are as well. So she is getting the hang of speaking more boldly haha.
Well I love you all so much. Do your best to stay close to the Lord at all times. I pray for you and miss you!
Hermana Blackmore