Monday, 25 May 2015

we learned how to make tortillas de harina!


How are you all doing? This week we had a lot of things happen. We had to go to the Stake and have a meeting with the president with all the missionaries who are training. I learned a lot and got to see some of my friends hehe. Then we did exchanges with the Sisters and my old companion from Modelo is our Sister Training Leader and we did exchanges together. Hna Metler! It was so awesome and felt like old times and we worked our butts off. She is such a great missionary and I definitely plan on keeping in contact with her aft
er the mission. Also we learned how to make tortillas de harina! And flatten the tortillas by hand! Was really fun. 
Also yesterday Elder Montoya, President of the Seventy came and talked here in our ward in Cuauhtemoc. It was amazing. He talked about the Atonement and how we are never alone. Pretty much left everyone crying. And what made it even more special was that my convert from Pueblitos made a surprise trip to the church to see me and I was overjoyed to see her. She is so strong in the church and has a strong testimony as well. 
Not sure if I told you guys how I found her, Xochi. Me and Hermana Fletcher were waiting to catch the bus and we were talking and laughing and I saw Xochi sitting on the sidewalk with her two kids and I told my comp in English that I wanted to contact her so I did and Xochi totally knew English and understood what I had said to my comp hahahah! Awesome woman.
Well yesterday in Relief Society we talked about how important it is as parents to be examples to the children and teach them to read the scriptures and pray. I thought back how in our family we would read the scriptures daily and mom would wake us up super early before Dad went to work so that we could do it together as a family. That was a great example for me and taught me how important it was for you guys to read with us. And honestly that is how I gained my testimony of the gospel. Overhearing Dad talk and talk about the Book of Mormon and the gospel made me curious and reflect on all the teachings. I personally decided to investigate and read for myself if the Book of Mormon was true. I was reading, praying for an answer, and going to church. My testimony was pretty weak to be honest, but through time I was able to feel through the Holy Spirit that everything was true. And I don't think a person can forget that very moment when they knew for themselves, and feel the Spirit testify to them that the Church is true. It is amazing. So thank you mom and Dad for always being diligent in helping us and for ALWAYS teaching us the gospel in our home. I really look up to you and admire you and hope that I can become as great of parents as you are :)
You are all the best. I love you so much and pray for you every day!

Hermana Blackmore

PS. Me with Hna Metler hehe