Tuesday, 12 May 2015

don't forgot to read your scriptures


Well I was surprised to see that nothing has really changed lol. Like everyone looks the same and I thought there would be an obvious change. But Ten does look a little older and Vicky is growing! Really nice to talk to you.
Tell Brendan his talk was really good! Haha my family is awesome!
Well this week was good I think i pretty much told you what was up yesterday and how we are working with a less active family and they are really involving themselves in the church and the activities. We are really happy for them.
I love how in each area you learn something new. How to work, patience, humility, whatever it may be. But its like the Lord knows exactly what you need and sends you to the place that will help you best. Love revelation haha.
I miss you all and don't forgot to read your scriptures, say your prayers, serve each other in any way you can as well as your church callings. And home evening tonight. Haha sorry this is short. More next week :) LOVE YOU!!!!