Tuesday, 28 April 2015

the Lord will bless them immensely

Hey family!

So before I forget, on the 10th of May we are going to Skype you from a members house sometime in the afternoon. Not sure the hour yet but Ill let you know next week. Sabrina are you phone calling home? Also have you guys gotten my letters yet? Wow does it take a long time. 
This week was Stake Conference. And my very first ward in Modelo is part of our Stake. So I saw a ton of people that I knew there and it was sooo cool. All the little kids are a lot bigger and everyone remembered me and we were taking lots of pictures together haha. I miss that ward. I was looking everywhere for the Familia Quintana and when Conference ended I looked around and behind me was Hna Leah and I was like ¨¨HNA LEAH!!!¨ √§nd she looked at me and said ¨MIJAH!¨ and gave each other a big hug! Then Luis, Diana, and Alex came over and I was seriously sooo happy to see them I almost started crying and my hands were a little shaky (I think because of all the emotions haha) Alex is now the Deacons President in his Quorum. Luis has a calling with the youth and Diana is pregnant with their third child. I am so happy for them. They are planning on visiting me in Canada sometime and have been looking at how to get the visa. YAY
Oh funny story. We are teaching this family who has a boy named Orlando and he's 7. He told us he has a pet gallina (chicken). And I was like ohhh that's very nice, not really believing him and he ran out to the backyard and came back with this huuuge gallina in his hands. Like fully grown and let it go in the house! I was so scared it was trying to fly everywhere and I thought it was going to peck me. And the funny part was when Orlando took it and put it on our Ward Mission Leader who came out with us, he was so scared lol. The crazy things people do here hahaha love it.
Anyways the conference was super awesome. They talked a lot about missionary work. In this stake there are 234 youth and only 10 missionaries currently out and 2 who are filling out their papers. I thought wow, what a huuuge difference it would make if even half those people decided to serve. What a huge blessing it would be to them. I have noticed a lot here that the youth seem to put education as the main priority and put it in front of missions or marriage. I know that as they accept the call to serve and serve with all their hearts, the Lord will bless them immensely. Like Sabrina, I love the mission. I love training my daughter she is so cool we are good friends. We have been progressing a lot here in Cuauhtemoc. It is a great area and the members are nice too.
Well I love you guys lots. Take care and Skype soon eh!

Hermana Blackmore