Monday, 6 April 2015

I know the Lord is always aware of us


Wow seeing those pictures of snow!!!! I am sooo jealous haha. But that is awesome that you guys are having a great time in Alberta.
Well this week was a lot of work. We walked a lot and got lost quite a few times. It is crazy to believe but this area is even bigger than my old area! We cover all of the centro and las lomas. Its huuuuge. So we have to plan really well.
As for training its a little stressful but i am enjoying it. It reminds me of when I was being trained and now that I am training I see the sacrifices that Hna Lopez did for me and I love her so much more. I love my daughter as well, she is so kind and really tries hard. By the end of the day she is so exhausted I can see it in her face and she still smiles and says she's good. I took her to Dairy Queen for her first time ever and bought her an M&M blizzard haha. 
Well I have really learned a lot about faith this week. At some times I was wondering where we should go and which people to contact and this lady came into my head that we had contacted a few days earlier. So we went to her house and her husband was there too and they both invited us in so happily and we taught lesson 1 and the Spirit was super strong. They understood everything and accepted the invitation to be baptized. It was seriously a tender mercy from the Lord. Recently I have been trying to notice little blessings from the Lord because we definitely receive them each day, we just may not realize it. Its weird how we can be so blinded to see the hand of God in our lives. I know the Lord is always aware of us and is always there for us. I loved General Conference so much this week. I hope you guys had the chance to watch it and if not I strongly encourage you to. Hope this week goes well and I love you lots. 

Hermana Blackmore

My birthday pictures! I love this family so much.

And here is my little trainee. I look so tall eh?
watching conference
our house! so nice!i think its the nicest one in the mission

we lucked out haha