Monday, 13 April 2015

Elizabeth is my doctor haha


Good to know how your doing! Hey have you guys received my letters yet?
And did you get the chance to read the talks I sent you? They are great.
I have grown in my testimony of Obedience a lot recently. We had a zone meeting about it and I had some time to read a talk that says when we are obedient we are converting ourselves. And how we are the most important converts that we know. First we should feed ourselves and nurture our testimony, then we will have that natural desire to reach out and help those around us. Not to mention the most important thing we can obtain from obedience, the Spirit. 
Last week we had a lesson with a less active 17 year old girl. We taught part of lesson 1 and I asked her what was it that made her know that the Church was true? She started telling her story and then started bawling because it was so spiritual for her. I thought of when I received my answer to my prayer and when I truly had a testimony of the gospel. Our conversion stories could be compared to Joseph Smith and when he saw Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. He could never deny it afterwards because he knew he knew, and knew that God knew. And that is all that matters. The same with us. We have never seen God, but that strong feeling we receive is something personal and we can never deny it. It will always be something we never forget.
I am loving this area a lot. We just got a new Ward Mission Leader and he actually served his mission here like 5 years ago. And is pumped on missionary work and helping us. I am really impressed. I'm looking forward to helping the ward and finding people to teach.
Well one last thing, can you guys pleeease write me a story of your testimony on tithing so I can have it next week? Its just that the mission is focusing a lot on it and how we have to teach strong lessons on tithing to our investigators and ask our families for stories. 
Also by looking at the picture you will notice I got another ingrown toe nail yaay. Elizabeth is my doctor haha she knows me now and says that its from the mission and that every 6 months it will come back and I will have to get it removed. But all is well, all is well.
I cant think of anything else at the moment. I miss you all so much and pray for you. I am excited to skype you on mothers day and hope you have a great week. LOVE YOU!!