Monday, 9 March 2015

it was sooo delicious!


Well this week was pretty awesome because the Familia Lopez got baptized :) I'll attach some pictures. But man it was great, and my companion invited President and his wife so they came and watched it. 
I forgot to mention that last Sunday the Relief Society lesson was on modesty and it was sooo good. One of the hermanas taught it and shes really straight up on everything and I just remembered how strict Dad was with us on modesty all the time. I am sooo glad that he taught us how important it was. And it made a big difference with Brendan and Tennyson also supporting Dad.
Can you please tell mom that I got her package last week? And thank you soo much for it! 
So in one of the pictures i'm eating a pineapple and it was sooo delicious! The guy cut the middle open and left all the juice and pineapples in the middle and put a bunch of flavoring in with tajin and i loved it!

This last week I feel like I learned a lot more about faith. And its a principle that is always mentioned and lots of people say they always have faith. But it isn't just believing in something you don't see, but acting on it. And really trusting in the Lord. A lot of investigators, well most of them actually, always say they have faith, but I think that they just don't understand that your actions tell whether you have it or not. I received a blessing from one of the zone leaders here and they promised me a lot of things, and at the end Elder Alvarenga said that all this would be fulfilled according to my faith. That wasn't the first time that I've heard that but this time those words stuck out and I started thinking about myself and if I trusted in the Lord. Something kinda simple and easy to overlook our faith, but so essential in our salvation. 
I love you guys lots! Take care :)

Hermana Blackmore