Monday, 30 March 2015

I was super nervous all week

Hello everyone!

Thanks for the happy birthdays! Actually I really enjoyed it here on the mission. My companion bought me this necklace that I´ve really wanted but I was too cheap to buy it and the Familia Jaime Salazar had a surprise party for me and when I got to their house they appeared out of their hiding spot and sprayed me with water guns and got me soaked. Haha I love them. I was also really sad because I got transferred. And I was super nervous all week because I am training and opening an area. This morning I went up to the mission office and picked up my daughter and went to our new house. She is from Puebla Mexico and seems very shy. 
But all this reminds me of when I first got here and I totally understand how she feels haha. The house is super nice but it is in desperate need of air conditioning! I can´t believe there isn´t any but summer's coming up and I am going to talk to the owner and let her know so we don´t die. 
That story Sabrina shared is awesome. I have definitely seen many miracles here on the mission that the Lord has blessed me with because of obedience and hard work. They are stories you will never forget and often reflect on.  Actually this morning when President and his wife were talking to all the new missionaries they talked about our focus and how we can worry about things back home. But we need not worry because the Lord will take care of our family while we are here. He will take care of them better than we would if we were at our house. What an awesome promise. 
I wish I could send pictures but this internet store is super old and the computers aren't very nice and don't have that ability haha. 
I love you guys so much, looking forward to skyping you all again during mothers day!!

Hermana Blackmore