Monday, 23 March 2015

I knew without a doubt it is the Lord's house

Hi Family!!!

So this week we had multizona and we saw Meet the Mormons! I loved it so much, especially the last family that was talked about. Mostly because the guy went on a misión and I could relate. It was a great zone meeting. Also I saw Hna Lopez! Its crazy how time flies because she leaves next transfer and when she saw me she seriously like jumped on me and squealed super loud and would not let go of me. I´m going to miss her so much! 
my comp bought me a pineapple for my bday! love her

this was today for pday we had a bunch of games we did together

pday we did the title of liberty it was sweeet

my companion forgot her plaque it was hilarious! so an Elder made her one out of paper! she's crazy!

Also President announced the new President that is coming July 1st. He is from New York. I am going to miss our President. He is really great and he really cares about the missionaries and does all he can for the misión.
Last week I was able to do a sesión in the temple. When i walked in I just felt the spirit sooo strong. There is just so much peace in there and I knew without a doubt it is the Lord's house. The sesión was amazing and I learned a lots more stuff this time. Also saw a lot of people from my old Ward in Modelo which was super nice!

I am so grateful for missionary work. I love what Sabrina said and how pumped she is to share the góspel with everyone. Now that I have more experience and understand how a missionary feels and the importance of opening your mouth I want to bear my testimony all the time to everyone when I come home and invite them to all the activities and send the missionaries to my Friends houses, or better, go with them. We are so blessed. I encourage you guys to always pray for a missionary experience and the Lord will guide you. 
love this member family so much!!!
I cant tell you how fast time flies. One of Dads first emails, he talked about it and how time is precious. I´ll have 10 months this week and its like what, where did the time go? And I know it´ll go by faster and its something our leaders always talk about. Is remembering why we are here and use our time wisely so we can go home with the comfort of knowing we put our best effort in. I know that Heavenly Father lives. I know that he loves us so much that he gave his Son so that we can return to live with him. I know that he hears and answers prayers. And that we can always trust in him and know that he is aware of our needs and wants to bless us if we only just keep his commandments. I love you all so much! Take care!

Hermana Blackmore!

PS. freak i don't want to be 20 i'm sad i wont be a teenager anymore. and everyone here doesn't believe me that i'm 19 and say i'm waaay Young yaay