Monday, 30 March 2015

I was super nervous all week

Hello everyone!

Thanks for the happy birthdays! Actually I really enjoyed it here on the mission. My companion bought me this necklace that I´ve really wanted but I was too cheap to buy it and the Familia Jaime Salazar had a surprise party for me and when I got to their house they appeared out of their hiding spot and sprayed me with water guns and got me soaked. Haha I love them. I was also really sad because I got transferred. And I was super nervous all week because I am training and opening an area. This morning I went up to the mission office and picked up my daughter and went to our new house. She is from Puebla Mexico and seems very shy. 
But all this reminds me of when I first got here and I totally understand how she feels haha. The house is super nice but it is in desperate need of air conditioning! I can´t believe there isn´t any but summer's coming up and I am going to talk to the owner and let her know so we don´t die. 
That story Sabrina shared is awesome. I have definitely seen many miracles here on the mission that the Lord has blessed me with because of obedience and hard work. They are stories you will never forget and often reflect on.  Actually this morning when President and his wife were talking to all the new missionaries they talked about our focus and how we can worry about things back home. But we need not worry because the Lord will take care of our family while we are here. He will take care of them better than we would if we were at our house. What an awesome promise. 
I wish I could send pictures but this internet store is super old and the computers aren't very nice and don't have that ability haha. 
I love you guys so much, looking forward to skyping you all again during mothers day!!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 23 March 2015

I knew without a doubt it is the Lord's house

Hi Family!!!

So this week we had multizona and we saw Meet the Mormons! I loved it so much, especially the last family that was talked about. Mostly because the guy went on a misión and I could relate. It was a great zone meeting. Also I saw Hna Lopez! Its crazy how time flies because she leaves next transfer and when she saw me she seriously like jumped on me and squealed super loud and would not let go of me. I´m going to miss her so much! 
my comp bought me a pineapple for my bday! love her

this was today for pday we had a bunch of games we did together

pday we did the title of liberty it was sweeet

my companion forgot her plaque it was hilarious! so an Elder made her one out of paper! she's crazy!

Also President announced the new President that is coming July 1st. He is from New York. I am going to miss our President. He is really great and he really cares about the missionaries and does all he can for the misión.
Last week I was able to do a sesión in the temple. When i walked in I just felt the spirit sooo strong. There is just so much peace in there and I knew without a doubt it is the Lord's house. The sesión was amazing and I learned a lots more stuff this time. Also saw a lot of people from my old Ward in Modelo which was super nice!

I am so grateful for missionary work. I love what Sabrina said and how pumped she is to share the góspel with everyone. Now that I have more experience and understand how a missionary feels and the importance of opening your mouth I want to bear my testimony all the time to everyone when I come home and invite them to all the activities and send the missionaries to my Friends houses, or better, go with them. We are so blessed. I encourage you guys to always pray for a missionary experience and the Lord will guide you. 
love this member family so much!!!
I cant tell you how fast time flies. One of Dads first emails, he talked about it and how time is precious. I´ll have 10 months this week and its like what, where did the time go? And I know it´ll go by faster and its something our leaders always talk about. Is remembering why we are here and use our time wisely so we can go home with the comfort of knowing we put our best effort in. I know that Heavenly Father lives. I know that he loves us so much that he gave his Son so that we can return to live with him. I know that he hears and answers prayers. And that we can always trust in him and know that he is aware of our needs and wants to bless us if we only just keep his commandments. I love you all so much! Take care!

Hermana Blackmore!

PS. freak i don't want to be 20 i'm sad i wont be a teenager anymore. and everyone here doesn't believe me that i'm 19 and say i'm waaay Young yaay

Monday, 16 March 2015

I love Hermosillo so much


Awww man I feel so bad for you Bina! The clinic is the worst place to go to, I don't think I've been there so much in my life as I have on the mission. Actually I had to go last week as well because my companion got me sick. I told the doctor I refused shots in my butt haha. And he prescribed me pills and now I feel a lot better. 
Last week was one of the sisters' birthdays and we went over to a member's house and planned a prank on her. The hermano climbed his roof with a bucket of flour and when they came and knocked on the door we heard them scream and he had dumped it on them it was soo funny! We grabbed a few pictures of it.
We also have an investigator who is progressing really well. My testimony has grown a lot on the power of prayer. I know that if we need an answer that God will help us and direct us and guide us if we seek his help. I have also learned that specific prayers are the best. Hna Hernandez (Presidents wife) always tells us to pray as if everything depended on the Lord, and work as if everything depended on us. I love that saying so much because we really are nothing without him. We won't be able to go anywhere. The stories in the scriptures are evidence that depending on our own strength will not give us success. 
I am reading in Mormon right now and I love reading about him. He is probably one of my favourites. I love how faithful he was to the Lord and even though all the Nephites were wicked he became their leader when they went out to battle against the Lamanites. And he never turned wicked like them. What a great example I was imagining how hard it could have been for him to be the only righteous Nephite but he knew what was right. I thought of how probably everyone will have to go through something like that and may feel alone at first defending the Lord and the gospel. But the reward is greater and we will be blessed for it.
Also Hno Montoya, from the Seventy, came and talked in our ward in Pueblitos. And he talked about missionaries! It was one of the best talks I've heard I loved it so much. He talked about service and how we gain more in the end when we serve than the person we are helping. He talked about how before you serve a mission you are sad to say goodbye to your family at the airport and all that. Then at the end of your mission your even sadder to go home. And its because you have grown to love the people that you could do it for the rest of your life. I imagined myself going home as he said that and I felt so sad. As hot as it is here, and smelly, and different, I love Hermosillo so much. I love the people and want to help them as much as I can. This place will always have a special place in my heart.
Well I love you guys soo much! Look forward to your emails and seeing what's new. Take lots of care!!!

Hermana Blackmore


Monday, 9 March 2015

it was sooo delicious!


Well this week was pretty awesome because the Familia Lopez got baptized :) I'll attach some pictures. But man it was great, and my companion invited President and his wife so they came and watched it. 
I forgot to mention that last Sunday the Relief Society lesson was on modesty and it was sooo good. One of the hermanas taught it and shes really straight up on everything and I just remembered how strict Dad was with us on modesty all the time. I am sooo glad that he taught us how important it was. And it made a big difference with Brendan and Tennyson also supporting Dad.
Can you please tell mom that I got her package last week? And thank you soo much for it! 
So in one of the pictures i'm eating a pineapple and it was sooo delicious! The guy cut the middle open and left all the juice and pineapples in the middle and put a bunch of flavoring in with tajin and i loved it!

This last week I feel like I learned a lot more about faith. And its a principle that is always mentioned and lots of people say they always have faith. But it isn't just believing in something you don't see, but acting on it. And really trusting in the Lord. A lot of investigators, well most of them actually, always say they have faith, but I think that they just don't understand that your actions tell whether you have it or not. I received a blessing from one of the zone leaders here and they promised me a lot of things, and at the end Elder Alvarenga said that all this would be fulfilled according to my faith. That wasn't the first time that I've heard that but this time those words stuck out and I started thinking about myself and if I trusted in the Lord. Something kinda simple and easy to overlook our faith, but so essential in our salvation. 
I love you guys lots! Take care :)

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 2 March 2015

the solution to every sickness is a needle in your "pompis"


It was really nice seeing the pictures of Grandmas funeral. And it was really cool seeing the family all together, everyone looks so big!
This week my companion finally got bitten by a dog. It was funny because this black dog walked past us and i shewed it away and she was like "That's mean! Come here doggy" and it came over and as soon as she touched it it nipped her hand. Haha! Good thing it didn't go through the skin. 
Then my poor companion got sick and we had to go the the clinic. Turns out she got an infection in her throat and the doctor said she has to have needles in her butt. 1 ever day for 6 days. Its so weird that here in Mexico the solution to every sickness is a needle in your "pompis" And she was so nervous. Ah, she wanted me to take a picture of it but I completely forgot because i was laughing so hard. 
I also went to the clinic and got my other toe nail removed. It hurt but my companion was supportive and taking a video of it and everything and the doctor was like "quick take a picture!!" at a gross point I think haha.
Also please tell Aunt Tara I got her package and was sooo happy! We were at a district meeting and I opened it up and laid my pillow case in the middle of the table and was like "So what were we talking about?" It ended up causing the Americans to sing their national anthem and I started singing the Canadian really loud all by myself haha, it was pretty funny.
Well I love you all so much. I want you to know how grateful I am that I am sealed to you. I had time this week to write you all a letter and I thought really hard about what I should say to you or how I could help you in your individual needs with my words. Not sure how well I did but I sent off the letters today.
Please don't stop reading your scriptures and praying. I can't tell you how important it is to do that and doing all the little things make a huge difference in our testimonies. Remember to do Family Home Evening as well. The promise of doing it is that our children will not fall away from the church. What an amazing promise hey? I love you guys so much! Tell the family I say hi!


Hermana Blackmore