Monday, 23 February 2015

I'm sad about the news of Grandma Blackmore


I'm sad about the news of Grandma Blackmore. I feel like the Lord has brought me the comfort I need because me and my new companion are super close. It is nice that I will have her to talk to.
So I don't know if I have talked to about the Familia Jaime. They are so awesome and call me their daughter and before transfers they asked when they got to meet their other daughter (my new companion) and we totally planned a prank on her. Hno Elly pretended to be a non member when we got there and we started teaching him and I almost couldn't teach, I could only testify because I would start smiling and almost start laughing. Then at the end my companion was sooo into it. And finally Hno Elly told her he was a return missionary and she was like "WHAAAAAT!" and we all laughed. 
My companion is great. Smiling all the time! In church I play the piano in sacrament and she leads the music and ALWAYS has a smile on her face. She came from PeƱasco where there are lots of stray dogs and this one day we were walking down this street and contacting this one house. But the dog tied up was seriously so mad at us and growling and showing its teeth like it wanted to tear us apart. My heart was racing and i started walking away really fast and my companion was like (smiling) "its okay it won't do anything" and pointed at the dog and firmly was like "NO! BAD DOG!" and obviously it wasn't listening and didn't care. I just walked behind her and pulled her arm until we were a safe distance away. She kept insisting that it wasn't going to do anything hahaha.
I'm helping my companion to get to know the area well and tomorrow we are going to the clinic for another ingrown toe nail I have, but on my other foot. I think its from my shoes so I am going to have to use different ones. Love you lots

Hermana Blackmore