Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Hey is it raining?!


This week I feel like we worked with a lot of families who had marriage problems. Its pretty sad. When we first taught one of our investigator families there were seriously the happy family you see off the movies. Just awesome. We read scriptures together and prayed as a family and then they would do it by themselves when we werent there. They went to church all the time and everything. But later I witnessed Satan completely destroy them. They are now getting a divorce and the entire family is splitting apart, long story short. An experience that I will never forget. I cannot explain the importance of always keeping the commandments and doing the little things which are important. Going to church, scripture study, prayer, family home evening. It broke my heart seeing it. But I learned so much of what I want in my future family and I thought so much of my family back home and how grateful I am that my parents are united and support each other always. Sometimes we forget how blessed we are.
When Sabrina was talking about the flood it reminded me of the rain here. Because Sonora is a desert and hardly rains, when it does, the city is so unprepared and the roads are just flooded with water sometimes up to your knees, its so crazy. And it rains hard. I once said to my companion "Hey is it raining?!" and a raindrop dropped on my head then all of a sudden just like off the movie Tarzan when it started raining when he was with Jane in the tree, it just started pouring! hahhaa!
Also we ate with a member this week and her daughter sat at the table with us and asked us what made us choose to go on a mission. We each shared our experience and it was just great hearing that each of us have our own story/background of why we came here. It reminded me of why I really desired to come here, the trials I went through and now being here, looking back at everything, I can't explain how grateful I am that I stuck to it and made it through. I got a little teary eyed telling the story hehe. 
Well I love you all so much, I look forward to hearing from you every week, and still waiting on the tithing experience hehe.