Monday, 9 February 2015

Conversion is not a one time thing


So last week was kinda funny because me and my comp were on the bus and it was packed, by the time we got to the end of where we were going I was at one end of the bus and she was on the other. I couldn´t even see outside I was so squished! She said ¨Bajan¨ (get down) and got off the bus and she said as soon as she took her step down the bus just left and she was like ¨Uhmmmm companion where are youuuu?¨ Meanwhile I finally noticed that we past the stop and was squirming through everyone saying ¨con permiso con permiso con permiso¨ (excuse me), got to the front and saw she wasn´t there. I started panicking and my heart was beating so fast I went up to the driver and pointed to my tag and was like ¨Donde esta mi compañera?¨ (Where is my companion?) ¨Ella bajo unas paradas atrás¨ (She got off a few stops ago) and I was like ¨Bajan, Bajan!¨ and yeah we walked towards each other to meet up again and I thought she was going to get mad at me but she laughed and was like ¨I´m the one that's suppose to be leaving not you!¨
Well we had a zone meeting this week and it was great I felt the Spirit super strong and afterwards I was talking to Elder Alvarenga and he was telling me stories about Brendan and when they did intercambios (exchanges) together.
Also we ate dinner with a family and I finally noticed that here people only eat with tortillas and no forks. They use their hands a lot! It´s kinda nice actually. hehe
Well I am not sure if you have read the First Presidency Message for this month. It talks about conversion and how to be truly converted to the gospel.
Jesus said ¨When thou art converted, strengthen thy brethren¨
President Eyring then says: The Lord has taught us that when we are truly converted to His gospel, our hearts will be turned from selfish concerns and turned toward service to lift others as they move upward to eternal life.
Conversion is not a one time thing, but a lifetime process in which we must be constantly striving to become disciples of Jesus Christ, and part of becoming one is serving and reaching out to others. 
Looking back on spiritual moments on my life, most of them involved service. I know that as we serve and lift others, with an eye single to the glory of God, we will better understand the potential each of us have and realize we are all here on this earth for the same reason. Some people don´t realize this and some have a better understanding than others. But charity will enlighten our minds and help us in our own conversion to become true disciples of Jesus Christ.
Tell Brendan I say Happy Birthday and love him. What an old man!!
Thanks Dad for your spiritual thoughts every week. I still print them all off and read them throughout the week. I look forward to them!
Love you guys so much, take care!

Hermana Blackmore