Monday, 26 January 2015

it only opens the door to the pathway to eternal life


Good to hear from you all and know everything is going good for ya :)
I forgot to ask last week and before I forget I'll do it now. We got asked as missionaries to ask our families to send us a story/testimony of Tithing and how its blessed your life. Maybe for family home evening you guys can write it and send it to me so I get it next week and share it with my investigators and members throughout my mission.
Also there is a family here, familia Villa, who has a daughter serving in Peru and they saw pictures of her companion and it was Hermana Blackmore. Maybe Bina wasn't her companion but saw her there, not sure. But they said me and her look like twins hahaha. How cool. And that I'm serving in her ward. Small world again!
We have been working a lot with less actives and found a 13 year old girl this last week. She got baptized when she was 8 but doesn't remember much and is the only active one in her family. She's a really sweet girl and we taught her lesson 1 and she was super excited about going to church. She went in the other room and asked her mom if she could come with us and very rudely she was like "you already got baptized! What more do they want! Tell them your going to the Catholic church on Sunday." To be honest I felt pretty sad. Sad for the girl, and her mom. That she doesn't understand the importance of enduring to the end. Baptism is essential but it only opens the door to the pathway to eternal life. We still have to continue keeping the commandments and living the best life we can. There is always more to do. 
My companion goes home on the 17th of February. Its coming up fast! We have a baptism set for the 14th still. Well I love you all have a good week!!!!
Here is a picture of me after church, we were walking to a member's house.

This is Tristan, he loves me and always gives me hugs hehehe