Monday, 12 January 2015

i am not looking forward to being in that position haha


So we were having a pretty crummy day this last week. We had just got out of a lesson that left me very frustrated because the lady was super hard hearted and just didn't want to do anything to progress and was trying to contend. So anyways we went up to a different part of our area that we hadn't worked much in to contact this family. When we knocked on the door the lady was like "Hey we have been waiting for you! come in!!!" We walked in and she called her 5 sons and they all sat on the floor while we taught and then we left them the folleto (pamphlet) for lesson 1. We came back a few days later and their entire family had read the whole thing front to back and it was seriously soooo awesome. I wanted to cry. They accepted a baptism date and came to church with us on Sunday. I am sooo sooo grateful that the Lord led us to them. 
My companion goes home at the end of this transfer and i think she is super sad about it. She always just randomly asks me super in depth questions about life and about what she should do when she goes and how to adjust. To be honest it just scares me more because i am not looking forward to being in that position haha.
Also today we had such a spiritual district meeting. It left me thinking so much. One of the APs came in and talked to us and said that coming on the mission yes we are showing the Lord we love him. But dedicating our 18 months by working working working is another thing. I just know that this time is so important and so valuable. I know that its important that everyone knows about the Restored gospel.
I am grateful for this knowledge and that I know Heavenly Father loves all of his children. I know that he will always walk with us through our trials and that we are never alone.
I don't know why I keep choosing this computer to email because it doesn't let me send pictures! :( well i love you all sooooo much and pray for you. AND I SENT YOU A CARD WITH PICTURES <3

Hermana Blackmore