Monday, 5 January 2015

halfway through I asked if I could switch back to Spanish


This week we did a family home evening with a member family. They are learning how to speak English and at first we were joking around about me giving the lesson in English then they were like "No for real, please do it so we can learn it better" So I thought it would be waaay easier and was kind of excited. The lesson was on Mosiah 24 and wow. My mind blanked and I kept having to think really hard for the right words and then halfway through I asked if I could switch back to Spanish. Haha, they said no and to keep going so I finished the lesson, but wow. It was a struggle. Who would have thought.
Also this week I found a lizard under my shoe! It was disgusting, I was hitting it with the broom and cut off its tail and its tail was squirming around still and it was trying to run away. 
Dad I know you'd like the Mexican weather in Canada but trust me its super uncomfortable, I prefer the cold any day haha.
So one more highlight. I got an ingrown toe nail and cut it off myself at the beginning of the week. I thought it was all good and better but then it got infected and I ended up having to go to the clinic in the centro, clínica de los pies y sus enfermedades. How gross does that sound? Anyways the doctor had to give me a needle and numb my foot and cut the rest off and clean the infection. It was a terrible experience. I thought about mom and how she gets them bad and wow I feel bad for her haha. It is super painful but I am now healing 
this is at the doctor... i'm covering my face with a tissue. and crying lol
On New Years Eve we ate dinner with an investigator family. It was super special because they literally have nothing and we only went to visit them and to say hi. She was making posoli and then we sang them a hymn and when we were done she had two bowls ready for us and we got to eat together. It amazes me how humble the people here are. Even though lots of them don't even know us and are living in poverty they always ask us if we want to eat with them or if we are hungry and give us the best they have. 

I can't believe how grown up Vicky looks in those pictures. Wow she is so pretty! I showed my companion the pictures of the snow outside and she was like "QUE SUAVE YO QUIERO ESTAR ALLÍ!!!"
Well I can't think of anything else at the moment. I'll attach some pictures. Love you guys so much and don't forget tonight is family home evening.
Love you all!

Hermana Blackmore