Monday, 23 November 2015

¨I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee¨

Hey family,
How have you all been doing? I hope it is warmer up there than it is here because it has been getting really cold these past few days. We sleep with lots of layers and several blankets. At times I feel kind of silly for being cold because I know Canada is 10x colder. We have been pretty busy everyday and now we are preparing for 2 baptisms this weekend. It'll be exciting.
There is this video we watched last week called The Bread of Life and it talks about how Jesus Christ must always be at the centre of our lives, and how we must always remember Him. I am sorry that some of my experiences I share over email are very short or not very detailed. I just feel that it doesn't compare to a typed email than when you say it in person. But the most special lesson/experience I have learned on the mission is how big of a role Jesus Christ should play, and does play in our lives. I have been blessed to see many miracles, tender mercies, rejection, tears of joy, tears of sadness, fatigue, trials and hardships. But I can truly say that the promise that the Lord gave ¨I will not fail thee, nor forsake thee¨ was applied at every moment. I know He lives.I know that He loves us. I know without a doubt that this is his church. I know that only he can lift us when we fall, ease our burdens, and help us back onto the path to eternal life. I know that we are never alone. He will always be there to help guide us, comfort us, and motivate us. I love my Saviour, and am eternally indebted to him.
Serving a mission has been the greatest experience of my life. It has been a pleasure for me to dedicate 18 months to bringing the gospel to others. The first Presidency said ¨There is no other work more important, or that brings greater happiness or satisfaction to a person¨ I want to thank you, my family, for the examples you are to me. I am so lucky to have you as my family. I love you so much.
There is so much more I want to say. But I want you to know that I know this is the only true church of God. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. It is truly a special book with an incredible promise giving anyone the opportunity to search, ask, and receive. I know this is true, and that our Heavenly Father loves us so much. He wants to bless us. And will do so as we keep the commandments. Always strive to do better, and never give up. 
¨Sin does not define us, it refines us¨ (through the Atonement)
Lots of love,

Hermana Blackmore
The first picture is us at the dentist, my comp had a cavity haha so she was getting it fixed

la zona!

Monday, 16 November 2015

it was a blessing from God


So I got an awesome story.
On Monday we visited one of our investigators, Jesús. And before he even sat down he told us he wanted to get baptised on Saturday. It was a miracle. Heavenly Father blessed us. So we were super busy all week preparing everything :)
Only the day of the baptism I got a flu bug and was throwing up and dizzy all day long. But we made it to the baptism. It was super spiritual.

I want you to know that I know this is the true gospel of Jesus Christ. I know with all of my heart that this is His church. And that the prophet Thomas S Monson is a prophet of God. 
Oh and a side experience I want to share. A member gave us extra food and we didn't know what to do with it because we weren't going to eat it and decided to bring it to an investigator. When we did she told us she had no food to give her kids and that it was a blessing from God that we came. She is a single mom and does her very best to help her kids. But it was so humbling to see. So please, don't waste food. We are so blessed.
And I know that Jesus Christ is the Saviour of the world and he will carry our burdens. He is so patient with us, and always will be. We must always have faith in Him and remember he will lift us when we fall. Don't ever forget that the Atonement is so real and so important. It is the center of everything. I love you family. You are the best.

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 9 November 2015

Not one of us is more loved than another.

Hey hey

This week we went to Hermosillo and well the offices had told us the bus left at 5:30 but it actually left at 5. So I missed the bus and the next one to leave was at 8. It was crazy and I was going to have to travel alone but I asked if my companion could come with me and Presidente said yes. So we had a night-long bus ride and we were so exhausted when we got there haha. It was an adventure. 
But the counsel was really good. President presented a new plan he had for the mission. And then we held a zone meeting the next day and explained everything to all the missionaries. 
Yesterday we took an investigator to her Young Women's class, and she is super shy and hasn't been liking it. So we told her we would go in with her. I was sad to see how there were several shy girls kinda not in the group and the more popular girls sat together. I love the youth so much and it breaks my heart to see someone feel excluded because I understand how badly you want to be involved and be included. I have come to have a greater understanding of how much our Heavenly Father loves us each individually. It is an immense love, a perfect love that we can't even understand it fully. And we are his sons and daughters with the potential to be like him. Not one of us is more loved than another.
Glad to know you're all doing well. Take care, LOVE YOU!


Monday, 2 November 2015

he laughed again and said you will see


This week we had a zone meeting and I had to speak at it, its weird to think that at the beginning of my mission I probably would have peed my pants if I had to speak in front of other missionaries, and in a different language. But I felt pretty calm this time. But now I wonder how i'll feel speaking in English when I get home haha.
 So one of the other sisters got super sick, she was in the hospital and we went to see how she was doing and helped them out a little bit, on our way back we found this area of graffiti and we just had to stop and take some ¨Black-hawk¨ pictures hahah, 
Today I am heading off to Hermosillo again for a leadership meeting, I will let you know how that goes next week. 
I am so grateful for this time I have to be a missionary. It is such a special experience that I will never forget. I still remember talking to Brendan once before and saying that I just wanted to be out on the mission field because it was easier than normal life.. haha. and he laughed and said it was hard and i said what's so hard its just teaching the gospel and baptizing, that's it! and he laughed again and said you will see. I still remember that conversation really well. I can say that it is hard, but it is sooo rewarding, I would live it all again if I could. The mission is the best.
Love you all

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 26 October 2015

you guys should read Mosiah 4:19


So this week was pretty good. Had several events happen hehe. But me and my companion have been working super hard this week. We actually made the mission goals this week and we were soo happy about it. Last week we were reflecting on how great the prophets were, like all that Joseph Smith had done, and the prophets in the Book of Mormon. They were great men, but Heavenly Father loves all of his children equally. So what made them able to do the amazing things they did? The only difference was their faith. And that really stuck to me and this week me and my companion were really excited and had the determination to complete all of our goals. It was exciting.
So today me and my companion went to the border of the States! And took pictures, right now this computer isn't letting me send any so next week I will try again. 
Honestly nothing else is really new, i can't think of anything hehe. But you guys should read Mosiah 4:19. I love that verse. How we all depend on the Lord. It is sooo true. 
Sorry this email is so short this week. LOVE YOU!

PS. I say for Christmas we do whatever you wanna do. I'm good with anything as long as i'm with the family! love you all

Monday, 19 October 2015

This week we had some good experiences.

Hi Everyone,

This week we had some good experiences. Me and my companion decided to do a fast to find more chosen ones. We didn't really have a private place to start our prayer so we did it in the corner by an abandoned house. I noticed this older looking guy walked past us and then walked past us again! All in like 2 minutes. But we said our prayer and kept walking to our next appointment. We saw him again and this time he stopped us and asked us to visit him in his home. He mentioned that he was having problems fighting and stuff with his wife and just wanted his family to be happy. It was really cool that he came and talked to us. It is one thing President is really talking a lot about. Is having the faith to find people to teach. 
We had a zone conference as well and President talked about the strength of our message. There was this talk in a general conference he quoted about staying in the boat. Anyways President talked about that and how we are in the gospel/boat and if we want to back out or jump off we are jumping into water where we will drown or get lost. There is no other way. Only to stay on the boat and keep going. We talked about the blessings that were restored through the prophet Joseph Smith that we would lose immediately if we were in the water. Eternal families, Priesthood, Scriptures, Celestial Kingdom, etc. It reminded me a lot of Mosiah 2. I would recommend you all read that chapter and highlight v41. It is my favourite verse :)
The weather is cooling down a lot. Its kinda nice because there are so many hills here and I get hot so fast. I love you all so much. I have the greatest family in the world that's for sure :)

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 12 October 2015

he can really be our strength


This week I went into Hermosillo for a counsel that we had with President and the leaders. It was very spiritual and we came out with the desires of working harder and giving it everything we got. 
On Saturday night our neighbor decided to throw a party and blasted music sooo loud at 3 in the morning. Me and my companion were so mad and I wished so bad I could call the cops and that they would do someting about it because its disturbing the peace right? But its something that no one cares about here. We were so tired in the morning for church and then I was playing prelude in sacrament meeting and then the Pte stood up to start and said I would be playing piano. I got sooo nervous! Thank goodness they were songs I knew how to play haha. 
Its also getting a lot colder here. I now sleep with a sweater and the hoodie on and socks. So dad maybe the temperature says its still hot but I am freeeeezing!
I love the scripture in 2 Nefi 22. Well the whole chapter. But it says : He aquí, Dios es mi salvación; confiare y no temeré, porque el Señor Jehova es mi fortaleza y mi canción; y también ha llegado a ser salvación para mi.
I just love how much trust it says we should have in the Lord. And how he can really be our strength. And our salvation. It says so much in the scriptures that we can not be saved through any other way or man except by Jesus Christ. The Atonement is so so important.
I have attached pictures of me and President Robinson and his wife and me and the Elders I travelled with to Hermosillo. And me and my crazy comp hehehe 
Have a great week,


Hermana Blackmore


Monday, 5 October 2015

think of our mothers because they bear with us


Wasn't conference so awesome? I loved all of them and have some favourites but I agree with Sabrina I loved Elder Holland´s talk on mothers. It was really tender and moving how he compared the love of a mother to a very similar love the Saviour has for us. And said how in any moment of temptation we should think of the Saviour and the Atonement, but also think of our mothers because they bear with us and will be heartbroken. 
There was so much good stuff that was given. I really encourage you, if you haven't watched it please take the time to do it. 
This week we kinda had a harder day. All our appointments fell and it was pretty late and we were tired but felt like we weren't getting anything done because no one wanted to hear. We walked by this gravel road and saw a lady coming up the hill with a bunch of bags of groceries and went up to her and asked her if she wanted help. As soon as we talked she put the bags down and I didn't want to let this moment pass by because every single person i have ever asked on my mission to let us help them with their bags, say no because they think we are going to steal it. So i just grabbed them right away and was like ¨We won't steal them I promise¨ and started walking with her to her house. She was really nice and let us in, gathered her 3 kids and paid full attention as we taught the Restoration. It was such a blessing. We walked out humbled that the Lord gave us this opportunity and lead us to this person. Some days may not go the way we want it to, or the way we planned. But we need to trust in the Lord and just be obedient and keep his commandments then everything will work out because he has HIS plan prepared.
Here are some pictures during General Conference. My companion has some cool glasses I like wearing them hehe. 

Take lots of care, love you!

Hermana Blackmore

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

how grateful I am for the prophets and Joseph Smith


Well this week quite a bit happened. I was soo busy doing exchanges with the other sisters before we had interviews with President. It was really fun I love going out with them and talking and visiting and loving them. 
It was awesome because we were able to contact this one lady who was super opened to hearing us. We taught lesson one and presented her the Book of Mormon and she told us she was super curious about it and really did want to read it. I love teaching the first lesson. I have heard some missionaries say that it can get boring teaching the same thing over and over again. But I know that its different every time if we want it to be. Like we can study the doctrine more deeper and then be able to understand the needs better of the investigators. And together be edified like it says in Doctrine and Covenants. Actually this last Sunday, on short notice I was asked to give a talk. And I decided to talk on the Book of Mormon and how super important it is to read it. I shared my personal experience on how I received a testimony of it and I just can't express how much I love and appreciate that book. And how grateful I am for the prophets and Joseph Smith that sacrificed so much so that we can read it and learn from it. 
I love you all. I know I never said it enough when I was home so I try and say it at the end of every email hehehe.
I hope mom and Vix got the chance to watch the Women's Conference and if not, please watch it. Also don't forget about General Conference this weekend and the Priesthood session. And remember I'll be watching it from Mexico with you guys! <3 
Love Hermana Blackmore

here are some pics! love ya!

Monday, 21 September 2015

I love Nogales!


I love Nogales! It is super sweet here and really different. This week we had an area of the seventy come and speak to us. It was really interesting what he said. Normally as a missionary you go out and answer every question an investigator has and you investigate, study, and come back with an answer to them. Elder Piper, taught that the best way to help someone change and come unto Christ, is letting them find the answers for themselves. He said when we aren't obedient and are sinning, it is because we don't understand the doctrine because if we did, we wouldn't do that. 
So that afternoon we visited an investigator and taught her the restoration and invited her to read the book of mormon. She told us that she wanted to know where we go when we die, because her son passed away after returning from his mission. So we left her Alma 40 to read and invited her to write down the answers that she found in that chapter and ask God if it was true that her son was there. It was a really spiritual lesson and even I came out with the desire to study more doctrine and find answers. 
Also had to travel to Hermosillo by myself with the Zone Leaders. It felt so weird! But we had this leadership meeting there with E Piper. 

Things are good here in my area with my companion. She is really cool and we are a lot alike haha. I am really happy for her because she has no fear contacting on the street. She like starts the conversation ¨Hola como esta¨ and then turns to me because she doesn´t know what to say so I help her out. But its awesome soon she´ll be speaking Spanish all the time!
Love you all so much. Keep reading the Book of Mormon please and saying your prayers, its super important. And make sure your doing your visiting teaching and home teaching and really serving and showing you love the families. I know you already do ;)

Love Hermana Blackmore

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

I had to travel to Nogales

Hello family!

Well this week was pretty good. Several things happened like my best friend on the mission Hna Fletcher left on Thursday. And President did a dinner for her and let her invite some sister missionaries so I went to say goodbye to her and ate dinner at President's house. It was so awesome because his wife made mashed potatoes with roast and gravy and homemade bread just like how mom makes it!! I seriously almost died! It was funny cause there was some latinas there and they were so hesitant on how to eat and didn't know what to do at first haha. 
Also on Sunday we got to watch the rededication of the Mexico City Temple. It was really awesome. There were 3 sessions and I kept remembering when the Vancouver Temple was dedicated and how cool of an experience that was. One thing that I really liked in the talks was that it was mentioned how we need to always have a temple recommend, and if we don't, it should be our number 1 goal in life to become worthy or change whatever we need as soon as possible so we can have a recommend and receive the wonderful blessings that are inside the temple.
I remember last week we taught a less active guy. And he told us his story of why he stopped going to church. Basically he got offended by the members and he was telling us how his mind is telling him to go back to church but his heart is still so hurt and he feels so much anger that he will not. He definitely has a testimony (obviously its not that strong but he knows its true) but I felt soo bad for him. I just wanted to cry and told him how the covenants he made are with God when he was baptized, not the members of the church. And that God expects him to stay true to his part. How sad it is when we let the anger and hurt overcome us that we don't even realize we are only hurting ourselves and missing out on blessings God wants to give us. We can't let the world or man get in the way of our salvation. It is only a distraction and sadly, Satan is doing a good job on luring away.
Well we had transfers on Monday. That is why I did not write yesterday sooorry. I had to travel to Nogales 5 hours north of Hermosillo on the border to the States and pick up my daughter in the offices who I am training! 
She is from Utah and doesn't speak Spanish so it´ll be fun we are opening area and I still have to do exchanges with the other sisters and see how they are doing. So i've got a lot and been keeping busy. 
Miss you all so much! Les quiero y no olvidan a leer el Libro de Mormon por favor!!!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 7 September 2015


Heey heeey,

Guess what I ate for the first time on my mission? SALMON! Just like how we make it at home. Salmon here is really expensive but we ate with this really wealthy family and they fed it to us I was pretty happy hehe. Also the sushi here is reaaally good I never liked it in Canada but its probably one of my favourite foods now. I'd like to learn how to make it.
Well one of my favourite scriptures is in 1 Nefi 6. Nefi is talking and tells the reason why he writes in the plates. ¨Porque toda mi intención es persuadir a los hombres a que vengan al Dios de Abraham, y al Dios de Isaac, y al Dios de Jacob, y sean salvos. De modo que no escribo las cosas que agradan al mundo, sino las que agradan a Dios y a los que no son del mundo. Por tanto, daré un mandamiento a mis descendientes de que no ocupen estas planchas con cosas que no sean de valor para los hijos de los hombres.
I just love those verses because it tells us the exact purpose of the Book of Mormon. To help us be saved. Don't we all want to return back to our Heavenly Father? And we can know exactly how by reading that book. Sometimes we take it for granted or don't realize just how important it is to read it. And how every word written is revelation and what God wanted us to know. How lucky are we.
Pues familia, les quiero un buen. Quiero agradecerles por toda su ayuda y por su apoyo. Les extraño pero ay que seguir trabajando. Cuídense! 

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 31 August 2015

He is so merciful and so loving

HEEY family!

We had a nice zone conference with President this week. Really felt the Spirit and he made some changes to the mission that he felt would help with our success. We are all really excited for it. I also had to capacitate in front of everyone including President and his wife. I was so nervous I couldn't sleep the whole night before and then when I got up there it was weird, like all my nerves went away and I got mad at myself afterwards for stressing over nothing. I talked on recognizing the Spirit and how it is key as a missionary to have success and to have spiritual power. 
There is this scripture that I really like that is in 2 Nefi 28:32, ¨No obstante que les extenderé mi brazo de día en día, me negaran. Sin embargo, si se arrepienten y vienen a mi, seré misericordioso con ellos, porque mi brazo esta extendido todo el día, dice el Señor Dios de los Ejércitos. I just think about the times that we may reject Jesus, and maybe not even realize it! I think that when we are disobedient to the commandments of God we are rejecting his arm. But I love the first part. That his hand will always be there, even in the times of rejection we can turn to him and be received. And apply the Atonement in our lives. He is so merciful and so loving we can never forget that our Saviour is always there for us. I like sharing this scripture with members and investigators. Don't forget that he is extending his arm at all times to you. 
I love you guys. Here is a selfie haha and a picture of the zone we went and ate today at peter pipers pizza.


Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 24 August 2015

There is this mountain called the cerro de la campana...

Heeey family,

On Saturday night we got some great news. Our Bishopric phoned and asked if we could each give talks the following day. Ahh I went a little crazy trying to think of what I could share. Luckily my topic was on the Atonement meanwhile my poor companion had to talk on hermanamiento which I think is more dificult haha. But it went really well. 
I also saw an investigator who is now a strong member in the church who got baptized. We found her but I got transferred before she got baptized and now she is in the Young Women's Presidency and her husband also got baptized and is our Ward Mission Leader. It was waaaay cool. We had a lot of catching up to do. 
Well I am attaching some pictures we took last week. There is this mountain called the cerro de la campana that is in the middle of Hermosillo. So we climbed it for an activity as a zone. It was pretty fun but I got a huge sunburn afterwards haha. 
I am really sorry my emails may seem so boring but I really don't have any exciting news to share. Only that I am pumped that Sabrina can fly home with me. That will be sooo awesome! 
I love you all and pray for you. I know that Heavenly Father loves us and that he is aware of our needs. I know that if we are obedient to his commandments, he will prepare the way for us to accomplish the thing he has commanded. Sounds more simpler said than done. To just trust in the Lord and put our lives in his hands and all that we have. Have a great week!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 17 August 2015

The Sabbath is not a day for idleness


This week crazy things happened. The biggest was that we got special transfers and I am now back in Modelo my very first area I served in. It feels soo weird, going to church everyone was like ¨Hna Blackmore!! Come visit us!!¨ but it was nice that everyone remembered me. And I saw the familia Quintana! I missed them so much I am glad I can see them for a bit. President said it is only for this transfer and then I am out of Hermosillo again. But wow is it ever hot out. Today we climbed this mountain called cerro de la campana that's in the middle of Hermosillo and you overlook the whole city. It is really pretty. But this computer doesn't let me send pictures, sorrry. I also saw mi hija Hna Panohaya and it was quite a reunion.
I was reading an article on the LDS page that talked about keeping the Sabbath Day holy. I like how they compared it to running. They said ¨Like runners, we experience spiritual fatigue. As we follow the Lord´s counsel to take time to be holy each Sabbath day, we will reach peak performance in our lives.¨ For me I feel like at the end of the week I´m in desperate need for it to be Sunday. I need that spiritual renovation and inspiration that we can receive from going to church. I need to feel like I´m at my Peak Performance just as if I was going to the gym haha.
¨The Sabbath is not a day for idleness, but a day set apart for the work of the Lord. As we focus our Sabbath Day observance on the things that matter most--things like deepening our commitment to Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, strengthening our relationships with loved ones, and serving others--we become sanctified, or made holy, through the power of the Atonement
Focusing on the things that matter most will bless us. We will become sanctified and made clean if we commit ourselves to following the Lord. What an amazing blessing. 
I love you all. I´ll try and send pictures next week. Take care

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 10 August 2015

have ye spiritually been born of God?

Hello family,

Wow the emails were very interesting this week haha. I am doing really good. My new companion is Hna Maea and she is from Utah but she comes from Samoa. I don't have any pictures right now of us. Anyways this week we have been working really hard with Irma. She is a great person and really loves the gospel. It was a miracle because she quit smoking :) and we put a baptism date for her on the 22nd. Before she was having difficulties leaving it but we kept teaching the importance on reading the Book of Mormon. And she started reading it more often and we always gave seguimento. Honestly that book is sooo special. It really gives you the desire to change your life and be more Christlike. We were talking with her and her family this week on how our Heavenly Father expects us to give him everything. How as Jeffrey R Holland put it, we have a life of discipleship to devote to Him (something like that) and how Alma nicely put it 
And now behold, I ask of you, my brethren of the church, have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your hearts? Do ye exercise faith in the redemption of him who created you? Do you look forward with an eye of faith, and view this mortal body raised in immortality, and this corruption raised in incorruption to stand before God to be judged according to the deeds which have been done in this mortal body?
Can we really say that we rely on God with every decision we make in life? And make decisions that help build the kingdom of God here on the earth? That's what I am trying to do. At times I get a little stressed with what choices I have to make. But I don't understand why when its so simple, if it draws me closer to the Lord, then do it. If not, then it is of the devil and it is not of God. 
Well I must say I really enjoyed reading the email of the bench story haha. I miss you all and pray for you. You are the best family in the world.

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 3 August 2015

Its really an honor and such a privilege to be able to go


Haha Dad I loved your email and how detailed it was hehe. How is everyone doing? This last week was super interesting. Our air conditioning broke in our room and I woke up sweating and wondering why it wouldn't turn on! It was an adventure. 
This last week we got to go to the temple. We took a bus to Hermosillo and President picked us up and we stayed the night at his house, had dinner with him and Hna Robinson, it was really nice and then did a session the next day. And on Sunday President came to our ward here in Guaymas and it was testimony meeting. Because there were transfers, half the missionaries here were leaving and we all stood up and bore our testimonies and everyone was crying. But it was so spiritual. I really look up to every missionary here who leaves everything behind, including their families, and go to an unknown place, not knowing a single person, and preach the gospel. I was thinking that during the testimonies and then I thought oh yeah I did that too but I don't really think about it. Its really an honor and such a privilege to be able to go. This morning my companion Hna Sanchez left to Hermosillo because she finished and man we were cryyyying! In front of everyone (embarrassing) but I have just grown to love her so much and can't imagine being in her position!

I love this time I have. I have thought a lot on how dad said to remember always the reason why you're here. Ya its nice to make friends and do things as a zone but that's not the purpose of serving a mission. 
Well today is a new transfer and I will be receiving my new companion later tonight. Her name is Hna Maea from Utah. I miss you all and hope your enjoying the summer weather. Its reaally hot here but I feel like its easier this year to get through it because I know what to expect. 
I attached some pictures for you! Take care, sorry my past emails may seem so bland.

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 27 July 2015

easy to spot the only red girl jaja


This week was pretty sweet actually. We worked a lot. And had really good spiritual experiences. We were fasting on Saturday and motivated to find new investigators so we decided to knock on some doors. But we didn´t want to look like the Testigos de Jeovah so we only knocked on selective ones. Anyways we knocked on this one door and this guy answered and said his parents were listening to missionaries over 10 years ago but he is confused right now because the Bible doesn´t have the complete gospel. We were sooo surprised that we happened to find this person and invited him to church the next day (we couldn't teach him because he was alone in the house) and he came! It just really motivated us more and we kept talking about that experience and how we should always be in tune with the Spirit.
We also did exchanges with two companionships and I reaaally liked it. The sisters here are really good, always trying their best and its neat to work with each of them because they are all different and there's always something to learn from them. They are all my good friends. 
Haha don't worry about me Dad I am doing completely fine! Completely good on health and back to normal! Just sunburned as you can tell from the picture (easy to spot the only red girl jaja)
Trying to think of something else that's new.... We are going to the temple in Hermosillo this week we are looking forward to that.
Love you all so much. I am so blessed to have such an awesome family haha. Take care, you're always in my prayers.
D&C 64:33-34

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 20 July 2015

We are so lucky to not have these in Canada


Well this week went pretty good. I got my stitches out and I almost fainted! It was so weird but the feeling of the doctor pulling them out made me feel light headed and had to lay down for a bit haha so strange! But I was pretty happy thats over and done with.
It was nice because we had interviews with President this week. And Hermana Robinson asked me what were my goals coming here on the mission and I just said ¨uhhhhhhhhhhh¨ and remembered that I really didnt have any goals. That I just came because I knew it was the right thing but had no idea where it would lead me or what to do. And then on the mission you really learn to make goals and think about what you want to accomplish. Its a good habit during and after when your in the real world. 
One thing President told me to do was instead of trying to develop the attributes of Christ, focus on trying to work like him and naturally you will develop the qualities that he has. I really liked that. In every situation you are in, asking yourself what would Jesus do. How would he plan right now? How would he study? How would he teach? How would he have success in this area? It gave me something to reflect on and think about.
I am attaching this picture of a lizzard that was in our room this morning and above my bed. I jumped and ran for the broom to get it out of the house ahaha. We are so lucky to not have these in Canada.
Miss you all and pray for you. You're the best

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 13 July 2015

Hermosillo is super hot right now!


How are you all? Well this week was a lot better, I am healing a lot and this week I am getting my stitches out which will be great.
We went up with the zone leaders to Hermosillo to a conference and it was really cool. All the mission leaders were there and President and he presented us with a plan he has for the mission. Honestly he got us all sooo pumped to work because we are doing things a little different now. For example, he asked for special permission to allow us to knock on doors which is sooo sweet. He is just wanting us to work work work and has a lot of energy.
Also Hermosillo is super hot right now! When we got off the bus you could definitely feel a difference it was like whaaaaaow. Andddd the best news .... President took off the rule of wearing tights so now we don't have to worry about that :)
I can't think of much else. We have been working hard and doing exchanges with the members here too. I have grown to love my companion so much. Since we have had to stay in the house a bit we have gotten to know each other so well. And I always feel so bad for her because its so boring and there is nothing for her to do but she is so patient still and always helping me out with things. We were talking about how you learn to love your comps on the mission and serve no matter what and then brought up how easily we serve here but before the mission we would get mad at our brothers and sisters if they did something for example get mad if we mopped and they walked and left footprints on the floor. And we were just thinking how can we get mad at the people we love most! Like who cares! Just mop again. Haha I love you guys. I am so glad to see that you are all happy and keeping busy. All is well here, the same stuff. Sorry this email is short but not sure what else to say just that keep reading the scriptures and praying!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 6 July 2015

I got a little confused a couple of times haha

Heey family,
Well this week something awesome happened! Our investigator Irma smoked 9 cigarettes in one day (normally she smokes at least 20) and the next day only 6! We are so excited and happy for her. The Lord really has blessed us. 
Good bye Pte y Hna Hernandez!
We also met the new mission President and he is reallly awesome. His name is Pte Robinson and his wife doesn't know any Spanish. So when she talked it was in English and I had to translate to the sister missionaries. I thought it would be easy but I got a little confused a couple of times haha. They are really excited and were taking time to get to know each of us and we are going to do interviews here soon with him.
Well the somewhat bigger news... I got surgery this week. I had 2 more ingrown toe nails, one starting to get infected, so the doctor decided to remove the sides of all the nails down to the root and I've had to lay down for a few days with my feet up and only get up to go to the bathroom. But he said I will never get another ingrown toe nail for the rest of my life. YAY.
Me and my companion have been reading lots of talks and such and we read this one on Pride and how we should be humble and never think of ourselves better than anyone and other interesting stuff. Its true how pretty much all of the wickedness in the Book of Mormon started with pride. It really can bring us down and distract us from the things that really matter.
I know the gospel is true, I am so grateful that I have this knowledge and that families can be forever.
Love you all!
Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 29 June 2015

I wish I could send pictures

Heey everyone,

Well Guaymas is very different than Hermosillo. First off it is reaaaally humid out. And our house has no air conditioning besides our bedrooms. So during our studies its a little difficult because I am constantly hot/sweaty. Our shower doesn´t work, we shower with a bucket and dump it on our head, and our washer doesn´t work either. Laaame. But its all good. Different experience. But the first day we were walking under this tree and a bird pooped on my head and it went all on my shirt it was disgusting. I just started laughing while one of the sisters started wiping me with a kleenex and asked why I was laughing but seriously i just thought oh man what else is there to do? Other than that Guaymas is really pretty. The ocean is nearby and we get to see it when we walk up the hills. I wish I could send pictures but the computers here are super old school. When I can i´ll send them. 
We are teaching a woman right now who is progressing a lot. But the only thing is that she smokes. And she is trying to quit. Its really interesting because its the first time I´ve worked with someone who has addiction problems. But my testimony has grown a lot on the Word of Wisdom. Its sad to see a person struggle and not be able to control their desire to drink, smoke, or do drugs. Those who obey are truly blessed and are free. 
Have I talked about my companion to you guys? She is from the Dominican Republic and she goes home at the end of this transfer. She is pretty cool we can relate a lot and have a lot of the same ideas which is great. 
Our ward is nice. The church here is sooo pretty and its a tourist area here so lots of Americans come to the ward even though they don´t know Spanish. I felt weird though when they would talk to me in English haha. 
Well we are receiving our new President tomorrow. It will be interesting. Can´t think of much else. Sounds like everyone is doing great I miss you all and don´t go a day without reading your scriptures or saying your prayers. Its super important. Also family home evening. Please be diligent. I know the Lord will continue to bless you only if you keep the commandments. So be worthy of that promise :)


Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 22 June 2015

cosas dificiles vale la pena


We sorted out our water problem last week, turns out someone robbed the knob outside because it was made of copper and you can sell copper here. So we phoned up the Bishop and he fixed our water so we had it again. 
Also HAPPY FATHERS DAY TO THE BEST DAD IN THE WORLD. Miss you lots and love you!
And Happy Birthday Vicky on Sunday! You're growing up so fast.
Well big news. We had transfers today and I traveled this morning south to a smaller city called Guaymas, its along the ocean and reaaally pretty. I am now a Sister Training Leader. My new companion is Hna Sanchez she is from the Dominican Republic. I am sooo nervous and wonder what I can teach the sisters and thinking about capacitating the missionaries scares me a little. But I guess we will see how it goes haha. Its way less hotter here than Hermosillo, more humid because of the ocean nearby but there is always a little breeze which is nice. 
I said goodbye to everyone in Cuauhtemoc and it was really sad. Bore my testimony in church yesterday and my poor companion was struggling all week. She was sad to see me leave and I think a little scared now that she is done her training, haha she was great I´ll miss her for sure. 
Well this week we talked a lot about trials and challenges in our life, and something that President said is that cosas dificiles vale la pena. I like that a lot because we can't expect to earn something without paying a price for it, and being willing to do it. I have learned that and seen it many times throughout the mission. We had a special zone meeting to say goodbye to President and his wife. He was crying and told us to be diligent and give our all to the mission. Really powerful.
Well I was hoping to send you pictures but this computer is not letting me, I´ll try again next week. I miss you all and love you!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 15 June 2015

it was really sweet to see

Heey family

Well this last week was awesome because we had a baptism! Nahomi got baptized and it was really sweet to see. Their whole family was crying and it was just a beautiful experience. I'll attach pictures for you to see.

The day before we also went to a baptism in the ward of a member family. Me and my comp were sitting there and all of a sudden they announced ¨and Hermana Blackmore will give her testimony on baptism and Hermana Panohaya will give hers on the Holy Spirit¨ I seriously was speechless because it was completely unplanned and I got reaaaally nervous standing up there in front of everyone. I couldn't stop thinking about it afterwards and felt so embarrassed and my poor comp did as well haha but hey that's what happens as missionaries.
I also spoke on Sunday on missionary work. Got really nervous as well but once I was up there i felt fine and was able to express myself and my ideas that came to my head. Oh also got asked to talk in the District Meeting today. (a lot of talks this week) 
Hmmm trying to think what else is new....... ah, we have no water! Don't know why but woke up this morning and nothing! So we gotta figure that out because we neeeed to shower!
Well I am reading in 1 Nephi again. I really admire him and how brave he was. Even in front of his brothers who always murmured about everything he was still obedient and trusted in the Lord. I love how plainly he speaks and then says that those who get offended or take the truth to be hard are those who are doing exactly what you shouldn't. Because if you were you wouldn't feel that way. He is awesome. Also talked about the Bible and the Book of Mormon. How the Book of Mormon was going to come forth to the world and testify of Christ and compliment the Bible. I love that book so much and how there is always something you can learn from reading it. 
Well after we are done writing we are doing a family home evening with the familia Bustamante I am pretty excited. 
I love you all and hope you have an excellent week :)

Monday, 8 June 2015

if we don't have the Spirit with us we cannot teach. Period.

This week we had to go to the clinic because my companion got an eye infection. It looked like the same infection I had when I first got on the mission but not as bad, and they gave her eye drops. That was at the beginning of the week. But her eye is still pretty red we might have to take another trip there again. Not a fan of the clinic. 

 Also that's awesome that fast and testmony meeting was spiritual for you guys. I think we are the only mission in the world that have permission to drink water even when we fast! How crazy is that? But seriously half the mission would die if we didn't lol. Also I got asked to give a talk next Sunday on Missionary Work. I am reaaaally nervous aaaaaah. 
We had a zone meeting and the topic was on the Spirit and how if we don't have the Spirit with us we cannot teach. Period. How crucial it is that we have it and be worthy of its companionship. I know that missionary work cannot have any success without the Holy Ghost. I love reading the talk Dad gave me right before I came on the mission, it talks about exactly that and how we will not be decieved if we take the Spirit as our guide.
Well we have a baptism this Saturday that I am super excited about. The family I was telling you about that have reactivated and Nahomi is super pumped to be baptized, so are we hehe. 
Well I know this church is the only true church on the earth. I know that the prophet Thomas S Monsen is a prophet of God. I know that our Heavenly Father loves us and that his son Jesus Christ lives. I am so proud of Ten and that he graduated and is focused on serving a mission. It will be the best thing he ever does in his life. Prepare now by studying Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon everyday. I love you all and hope this week goes super awesome!!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 1 June 2015

I probably say that in every email

Heeey todos!

How are you all doing?
This week not sure if you saw the temperature but it boomed and brought back deja vu of last year. It is reaaaaally hot out. But this year I am determined to use an umbrella even though i dont want to because thats what the Jehovah's Witnesses use here and then people think we are them! I get so much more tired during the day and I tried remembering how I made it through last year and I am hoping eating more will help. More fruits and vegetables and such. So I´ll see how this week goes.
Well we have a baptism thats coming up soon. We reactivated this family who stopped going to church for 10 years so it was like teaching a new person the gospel. The sons are great. One wants to serve a mission and we are really excited for them. This last week we had a lesson with them and one of them is still a little shaky on his testimony. He isn't sure if its true that we have a prophet in real life that can speak with God and receive revelation. I remembered the time when as a youth we had TYC and went down to Vancouver for the opening of the temple and we saw the prophet and his counselors. It was awesome. It was super cool that they were able to watch our performance and the Spirit was so strong. Especially when he was leaving and it was unplanned but everyone burst out singing We Thank Thee O God For A Prophet. I shared my testimony of him and invited the family to keep reading the Book of Mormon because that is the key in receiving a testimony.
I loved church yesterday because the Bishop spoke strongly on reading the scriptures and prayer. He said that he wants the ward to focus more on doing it in their homes and they will see the blessings that come of it. 
I love you all so much. I probably say that in every email but I mean it haha. You guys are the best and throughout my mission I also think of how I can help you guys in your needs and I really worry about you. I mean I am sure your all fine but still haha. Keep living the gospel, and not just going to church and paying your tithing, but make it a lifestyle, a need you cannot live without. I pray for you all every night!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 25 May 2015

we learned how to make tortillas de harina!


How are you all doing? This week we had a lot of things happen. We had to go to the Stake and have a meeting with the president with all the missionaries who are training. I learned a lot and got to see some of my friends hehe. Then we did exchanges with the Sisters and my old companion from Modelo is our Sister Training Leader and we did exchanges together. Hna Metler! It was so awesome and felt like old times and we worked our butts off. She is such a great missionary and I definitely plan on keeping in contact with her aft
er the mission. Also we learned how to make tortillas de harina! And flatten the tortillas by hand! Was really fun. 
Also yesterday Elder Montoya, President of the Seventy came and talked here in our ward in Cuauhtemoc. It was amazing. He talked about the Atonement and how we are never alone. Pretty much left everyone crying. And what made it even more special was that my convert from Pueblitos made a surprise trip to the church to see me and I was overjoyed to see her. She is so strong in the church and has a strong testimony as well. 
Not sure if I told you guys how I found her, Xochi. Me and Hermana Fletcher were waiting to catch the bus and we were talking and laughing and I saw Xochi sitting on the sidewalk with her two kids and I told my comp in English that I wanted to contact her so I did and Xochi totally knew English and understood what I had said to my comp hahahah! Awesome woman.
Well yesterday in Relief Society we talked about how important it is as parents to be examples to the children and teach them to read the scriptures and pray. I thought back how in our family we would read the scriptures daily and mom would wake us up super early before Dad went to work so that we could do it together as a family. That was a great example for me and taught me how important it was for you guys to read with us. And honestly that is how I gained my testimony of the gospel. Overhearing Dad talk and talk about the Book of Mormon and the gospel made me curious and reflect on all the teachings. I personally decided to investigate and read for myself if the Book of Mormon was true. I was reading, praying for an answer, and going to church. My testimony was pretty weak to be honest, but through time I was able to feel through the Holy Spirit that everything was true. And I don't think a person can forget that very moment when they knew for themselves, and feel the Spirit testify to them that the Church is true. It is amazing. So thank you mom and Dad for always being diligent in helping us and for ALWAYS teaching us the gospel in our home. I really look up to you and admire you and hope that I can become as great of parents as you are :)
You are all the best. I love you so much and pray for you every day!

Hermana Blackmore

PS. Me with Hna Metler hehe

Monday, 18 May 2015

Well the nail clippers i bought seem to have worked


Man so much exciting news back home! It feels like so much has changed but that's cool i kinda like change. 
Not sure if I mentioned in my previous emails but the area of the seventy is really trying to get us to focus on teaching tithing and keeping the sabbath day holy. This week we have taught several families the Sabbath Day. And I have understood more and felt the desire more to keep that commandment. I have really liked that here part of keeping the Sabbath Day holy means wearing your sunday clothes after church as well. Just because we are home doesn't mean the Lord's day has ended. But that we should continue to uplift ourselves spiritually and dedicate that day. He only asks 1 day of the week. I know the Lord will bless his children if we strive to honour it. I love Sundays so much. You feel so refreshed and spiritually renewed and determined to be obedient.
Well the nail clippers i bought seem to have worked, because I got another ingrown toe nail last week and I was really bummed thinking we´d have to make another trip to the clinic but i soaked my feet to soften the nail and was able to dig it out myself woohoo 3-1 .
I wish I had some exciting news hehe like you Dad hehe, but i can't seem to think of any. Me and my comp are working hard in our area. I know its hard for her to adapt and each person is different to the time they get the hang of missionary life, but she is really sweet. And I have learned a lot from her. She is very humble and quiet. She tells me i am very direct and that the people in Hermosillo are as well. So she is getting the hang of speaking more boldly haha.
Well I love you all so much. Do your best to stay close to the Lord at all times. I pray for you and miss you!
Hermana Blackmore

Tuesday, 12 May 2015

don't forgot to read your scriptures


Well I was surprised to see that nothing has really changed lol. Like everyone looks the same and I thought there would be an obvious change. But Ten does look a little older and Vicky is growing! Really nice to talk to you.
Tell Brendan his talk was really good! Haha my family is awesome!
Well this week was good I think i pretty much told you what was up yesterday and how we are working with a less active family and they are really involving themselves in the church and the activities. We are really happy for them.
I love how in each area you learn something new. How to work, patience, humility, whatever it may be. But its like the Lord knows exactly what you need and sends you to the place that will help you best. Love revelation haha.
I miss you all and don't forgot to read your scriptures, say your prayers, serve each other in any way you can as well as your church callings. And home evening tonight. Haha sorry this is short. More next week :) LOVE YOU!!!!

Monday, 4 May 2015

where do we look right now?

Heeey Heeey!

So Skype next Sunday at 4, Hermosillo time. I am excited to see you all again and talk for a bit. Weird that it will be my last time doing it. 
It has been getting hotter and hotter out. Dad I would LOVE to send some over there cause its way too much. My poor companion is having a hard time adjusting to it.
Anyways this week we had a special conference because a member of the seventy came and visited our mission. First President talked and it was so sad he started crying telling us how much he loved us and how he was going to miss us but that the mission was in good hands with the new President that will be coming. I really love our President and his wife. They really sacrifice EVERYTHING for us and worry about the missionaries. Hna Hernandez talked about Moses and the staff with the serpent and that if the people would only look they would be saved. She asked us where do we look right now? And that we cannot pass by one moment without reading the Book of Mormon. Shes a great lady. Elder Castañedo talked and wow it was sooo spiritual. He talked about becoming a full purpose missionary. One thing that stood out to me was that he said if the missionaries understood the Atonement, there would be no need for mission rules. Ouch. But so true. The Atonement is very broad and complex and there is always something you can learn from it. I love my Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ. I know they live and love us with a perfect love that we cannot understand. If we only could understand that love a little better I think we would be more willing to keep the commandments and strive harder to be like the Saviour, knowing the gospel is for our benefit. To bless us and help us progress in this life. 
Its funny because I know things have happened during the week that I would love to tell you guys. But then when I come to the computer I blank out and forget what happened. Really sorry about that haha. I hope you understand.
But I love you guys so much. Can't wait to see your faces!

Hermana Blackmore

PS Don't forget, at 4 on Sunday.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

the Lord will bless them immensely

Hey family!

So before I forget, on the 10th of May we are going to Skype you from a members house sometime in the afternoon. Not sure the hour yet but Ill let you know next week. Sabrina are you phone calling home? Also have you guys gotten my letters yet? Wow does it take a long time. 
This week was Stake Conference. And my very first ward in Modelo is part of our Stake. So I saw a ton of people that I knew there and it was sooo cool. All the little kids are a lot bigger and everyone remembered me and we were taking lots of pictures together haha. I miss that ward. I was looking everywhere for the Familia Quintana and when Conference ended I looked around and behind me was Hna Leah and I was like ¨¨HNA LEAH!!!¨ änd she looked at me and said ¨MIJAH!¨ and gave each other a big hug! Then Luis, Diana, and Alex came over and I was seriously sooo happy to see them I almost started crying and my hands were a little shaky (I think because of all the emotions haha) Alex is now the Deacons President in his Quorum. Luis has a calling with the youth and Diana is pregnant with their third child. I am so happy for them. They are planning on visiting me in Canada sometime and have been looking at how to get the visa. YAY
Oh funny story. We are teaching this family who has a boy named Orlando and he's 7. He told us he has a pet gallina (chicken). And I was like ohhh that's very nice, not really believing him and he ran out to the backyard and came back with this huuuge gallina in his hands. Like fully grown and let it go in the house! I was so scared it was trying to fly everywhere and I thought it was going to peck me. And the funny part was when Orlando took it and put it on our Ward Mission Leader who came out with us, he was so scared lol. The crazy things people do here hahaha love it.
Anyways the conference was super awesome. They talked a lot about missionary work. In this stake there are 234 youth and only 10 missionaries currently out and 2 who are filling out their papers. I thought wow, what a huuuge difference it would make if even half those people decided to serve. What a huge blessing it would be to them. I have noticed a lot here that the youth seem to put education as the main priority and put it in front of missions or marriage. I know that as they accept the call to serve and serve with all their hearts, the Lord will bless them immensely. Like Sabrina, I love the mission. I love training my daughter she is so cool we are good friends. We have been progressing a lot here in Cuauhtemoc. It is a great area and the members are nice too.
Well I love you guys lots. Take care and Skype soon eh!

Hermana Blackmore