Monday, 8 December 2014

they grab our hymn books cause they know we sing


Well this week was pretty good. We have been working super hard in our area. I love it. I thought I would have a hard time loving an area like my first but I really enjoy working here and the members are super sweet. We went to the Christmas Devotional Broadcast yesterday and wow, I love Christmas so much. I was thinking a lot about my family and and that the best Christmas present I could ever get would be just spending the day all together. (Next year obviously) I can't wait to visit with you all and enjoy each others company. 
The members here are great though, we have had so many people invite us over for dinner Christmas week and guess what I heard? This Christmas the average person in Mexico is expected to gain 10 kilos. No. Way. It is so true that people here eat soooo much food, especially unhealthy stuff. And at the stores there are more breads, cakes, pastries, candies, chocolates, etc. during Christmas time. 
So my companion wants to Skype her family on the 24th instead of the 25th because they will be gone at that time. So I'll have to skype you guys on that day as well. I have my skype username still and know my password so its all good. Its solanablackmore in case if we aren't friends. Not sure of the time yet, do we have a time difference Dad?


Here is a picture of me and my companion at church on Sunday. It is still pretty hot here and its so funny cause in the mornings people are walking around with sweaters and jackets because its a bit cooler and we walked like this. Everyone looked at us like we were crazy. Seeing all your snow pictures makes me smile, I wonder how it'll be when I come home and if it'll feel way colder or what.
Here is Lulu and Angel. Super cute kids, whenever we walk to their house and they see us walking they run up to us and grab our backpacks and wear them back for us. And then they grab our hymn books cause they know we sing and then afterwards fold their arms and tell everyone to be quiet for the prayer. Aha!
I am glad to hear that mom has some of those cards in the pizza place. It is super cool because the prophet said that if we hand out these cards, we will find the families prepared to hear the gospel. We just had a district meeting on them and "He is the Gift"
Well I love you all and can't wait to skype and see how different you all are hehehe! LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Blackmore