Monday, 15 December 2014

They all asked "Lord, is it I?"


So this week few activities/things happened. My companion went to the temple on Wednesday and I stayed with some another sister near our area. Not sure if I told you but President said that you can only go through twice on the mission. Once when your halfway through and and at the end. So Hna Rodriguez went and me and Hna Rauch were together for a bit. She is super nice and we had a huge heart to heart about life. Shes from California.
We also had Multizonas this week. President and his wife talked, as well as the AP's. I learned a lot. We all have a light within us that impulses us. We chose to come here on the mission, not knowing what to expect fully. But we all came with light. We must be mindful to not stray and go into dark places, or, we have to remember the things of the Lord are first. Nothing is worth this time here on the mission. Family, friends, education, etc. can wait. But the Lord can't. He needs us. 
Those words were just ringing in my brain all day about how valuable time is and how much the Lord confides in us and the responsibility we have as missionaries. 
Right after we had intercambios with the Sister Training Leaders. I went with Hermana Perez. So as you know we contact people on the streets and give them the El es la Dádiva cards and show them the video. It was night time and we talked past this house where this man was sitting in his yard and his kids were playing. We decided to contact him and told him about the video and the real significance of Christmas is to remember the Saviour and the love our Heavenly Father has for us in sending him to Earth. Before we showed him the video he really looked depressed and when it was over he was like "wow thank you so much for sharing with me this video I reaaaally needed it" and it seemed like his face lit up. He then told us he is going through a divorce and all these other problems he had. But wow, seeing the change in his face made my day. I felt so bad for him but it is comforting to know that through the Atonement of Christ we can be healed and feel peace again.
We also got our Liahonas for this month and last month finally. And I read all the general conference talks that were given and wow, they are soooo great. One of my favourites is by Dieter F. Uchtdorf, the one he gave in the Priesthood Session (hehe) its called "Lord, Is It I?" If you haven't read it, do it! He talks at the beginning about the last night the Saviour was with the apostles and told them one of them would betray him. They all asked "Lord, is it I?" Not pointing their finger at someone else but worrying about themselves. As human beings we all make mistakes and have weaknesses. The only way to progress in this life is if we let go of our pride, humble ourselves and not point our finger at someone else but rather ask that question within ourselves "Lord, is it I?" And if the Lord says yes, accept it, realizing you aren't perfect and will fall short, and repent. That is the only way we can become like Jesus, isn't that what we all want?
It was funny because after reading that talk I started reflecting on myself and my life and kneeled down in prayer for forgiveness and help in my weaknesses. I set a goal for myself to not think about anyone else's mistakes or faults but to look at myself. Not too long after I had a little challenge with my companion and I had hurt her feelings saying something I thought was harmless. But honestly it didn't matter how harmless I thought it was, I had hurt her feelings and I needed to let go of my pride and ask her for forgiveness. 
This life isn't easy and we shouldn't ever expect it to be. But it is the time to prepare and to always ask ourselves what the Saviour would do in our position. As members of the church we constantly say we are following Jesus Christ, or trying to be like him. That means we must be willing to humble ourselves and look within ourselves and ponder what we are doing right now to be his followers. And if there is something we need to change, repent immediately. Acknowledge our shortcomings, that no one is perfect, and allow the Atonement of Jesus Christ to heal us and make our weaknesses our strengths. 
So I guess I forgot to talk much about my apartment hey? Well when we got here the house seriously looked abandoned. It was sooo filthy inside and the previous missionaries left all their bags of garbage inside so it smelled super bad! We cleaned it pretty good but it is a really really old house and doesn't have a washer, we wash clothes by hand which is new for me. The Familia Quintana from my old area gave me a ride to this area when I first started haha, they are awesome. 
So is it still good to skype then on the 24th? Not sure on the time but I'll let you know next Sunday. I miss you all and pray for you!!!


Hermana Blackmore