Saturday, 27 December 2014

Hello is anyone there?

Hello is anyone there?

I forgive you I know your busy and that you may forget to write me weekly.
Are you excited for this week? Before I forget, Skype on the 24th at 4pm alrighty? 
So this week was pretty cool because we had a ward Christmas devotional and the Relief Society got asked to sing and the Relief Society President asked if I could lead it. It was super fun and we had to practice a bit before because some of the sisters were a little off tune hehe. But there was a lot of people at the devotional. The whole sacrament filled which was awesome.
There we are getting prepared to sing Hark the Herald Angels Sing. YAY!

And here is a picture of today, as a zone we ordered t shirts. Me and my companion on the side and Elder Huerta. Hes hilarious and the "zone clown"

For Pday we did a pinata! And The district leader was pretending to fight me and someone yelled "p├ęgale!!" and I hit him by accident whooops!

And we did present exchanges today.
Zone Conference

Well I love you all and this is super short but only because I get to talk to you on the 24th, so I sent more pictures instead. Take care and hope you have an excellent week!!!


Hermana Blackmore