Monday, 1 December 2014


Que honda!

Well my first week in Pueblitos went really well. 
The people here are so accepting it shocked me at first. We have found a lot of people to teach. My companion, Hermana Rodriguez is really nice and a super good missionary. She is really motivated to find and work. She only has 2 transfers left so I just hope she doesn't die on me haha. 

So a lot of questions and comments I've been getting here is that when I say I'm from Canada people say "Do you know Justin Bieber!?" Oh ya totally. Also that I look like Shakira. Those are the common two I hear haha. 
Okay this week we had a zone meeting and we all had to introduce ourselves to the zone and my zone leader was like "My name is Elder Alvarenga and I'm from Paraguay, I served there also for the first bit of my mission waiting for my visa." I thought it was a long shot but I was like "Hey did you know Elder Blackmore?" and he was like "ELDER BLACKMORE WAS MY ZONE LEADER! HAY EVERYONE HERMANA BLACKMORES BROTHER WAS MY ZONE LEADER!" and he whipped out his camera and showed me pictures of Brendan it was sooo cool, and telling everyone lol! What a small world I keep finding connections to the family. So we took a picture together. He even does the thumbs up like Duke ahahaha!
Also we had a zone meeting about an event that is taking place in December. El es el Dádiva. Or He is The Gift. Have you heard of it? The church paid youtube to post this video on December 7th on the birth of Jesus Christ. It is expected to have over 200 million viewers. The missionaries were given little cards to hand out to our investigators and aside from our weekly datos we send it, we have to fill out another one on the references we receive from the video, new investigators, etc. and report them to church headquarters to see how successful it was. When I heard this my mouth just dropped and Elder Bernal was like "Hermana Blackmore, whats your opinion on this?" Haha I didn't know what to say at first. But it is for sure certain that the Lord is pressuring the work and that it was inspired of God to have this event happen. And it is our job as missionaries/members to tell everyone about it. I got so antsy in my seat I wanted to go out and tell everyone about it right then and there. It's going to last all of December. So if you want to know more about it go on to And if you can, share it on facebook, twitter, whatever way you can to help contribute. This is so exciting!
So this week I had the opportunity to realize certain things. One being the importance of having the gospel/spirit in your home. I knew it was important before, but I feel it is now reinforced in my brain. We taught a family. The mom and her two kids. Seeing their faces you could tell they were unhappy and just broken. We taught the first points on the Restoration, We have a loving Heavenly Father and the Gospel Blesses Families. The two kids are 10 and 12 and were really trying to find God. They both grabbed the Book of Mormon and were hugging it when we gave it to them to read. Then the mom said the final prayer and asked that her husband who she is divorcing can receive help. When she said amen I looked up and they were all just streaming with tears. I felt horrible for them and wanted to cry with them but I know that they can find peace and comfort in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That the Atonement is the key to everything. I know that we can be healed from all our pains and sorrows. What a remarkable blessing. He is the Gift. 
Dad don't worry about sending me anything, I don't need anything and if I do I can get it here in Mexico. Thank you so much though.
I want you all to know that I know this is the true church of Christ. That he is at the head of it and leads it through the prophet. I know that the Atonement is real. That we can be made clean again through Repentance. Being here on the mission I have thought a lot about what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I love what Elder Holland said bluntly. "If you are going to be his disciple, how dare you ask to not go close to the pain he felt. If you are going to be his disciple, you better have some evidence." Plain and simple. The mission is not easy. You are still faced with trials and challenges even if you have a plaque on your chest. In order to progress and be a follower of Jesus Christ, it is expected you will be tried. So endure through it and show Heavenly Father you're willing to do what it takes. I absolutely love my mission, but I can now understand how people have said it was the best/most hardest thing they've ever done. The reward is greater than the fight.
I love you all and hope that your doing well. Looking forward to skyping you soon :)


Hermana Blackmore