Monday, 3 November 2014

they waited so that his Dad could baptize him


So this week was pretty busy, I feel like they all are haha. But we had intercambios with the Sister Training Leaders. I stayed in my area and I learned a lot from Hna Adamson. I love working with new missionaries and as you said Dad, learning from their techniques and putting it into how I teach.
We have a baptism in 2 weeks. I am super excited. It is for the family me and Hna Lopez reactivated. Their son who is 11 years old is getting baptized, they waited so that his Dad could baptize him. It is going to be super special I cannot wait. They requested if Hna Lopez could be there as well but we have to get permission from President because its a rule that we cant attend baptisms out of our zone. 
Normally in Mexico the people don´t celebrate Halloween, but because Hermosillo is close to the States, the tradition is brought here. So many members were giving us candy we are so sick of it haha.
Yesterday we were giving a member family a lesson. They never have given us names and always say none of their neighbors want to hear the gospel or that they have given all their names out already. But when we were teaching the Spirit was super strong. Both the mom and dad were bearing their testimony and you could definitely feel that peace and comfort of the Holy Ghost. I felt impressed to ask them for names halfway through, but I was scared. Well maybe not scared but I kinda doubted, thinking that they would just say no. But the feeling wouldn´t leave, so I asked ¨Hno and Hna, we know our message is true. That it brings that peace and happiness to our lives, and many people are searching for it and need it as well. Do you have any friends that could benefit from this?¨ Without hesitation the mom was like ¨YES!¨ I was super shocked and jumped a little at how quick she responded, and that they had names! I was definitely grateful for that experience. I have seriously learned so much. 
Going on a mission is better than a year and a half of university. You learn way more and grow so much. My testimony of the Atonement has increased. I know the Saviour lives. I know that the sufferings and pains he went through, he did out of pure love. He lived the hardest life out of anyone who has walked this earth, yet he lived it perfectly. He set the most perfect example to all of us. I like what Jeffrey R Holland said, something like if we want to be disciples of Jesus Christ and say we are as missionaries, we better be prepared to suffer at least a tear of what he felt. And come home saying we did the will of the Father. It is so true. There is not a minute we can waste. It is not easy. Life is hard. But it is the time to show we are willing to make it through, willing to endure the trials and heartache of whatever we may encounter, and come face to face with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and feel good with our works here on the earth, then enter into His rest. How amazing will that day be? 
I love you all, its good to hear from you each week and know how everyone is doing, sounds like your all busy with your lives and that all is well. How is Brendan doing in school? 
So there is an investigator that the Elders are working with, she is super awesome her name is Lucy and she is a dentist. Guess what? She is going to clean mine and my companions teeth for free! And do a dental check up and everything, I am so excited. Also I told her I want to go into dentistry and she went off about how much she loves it. The schooling in Mexico is different than in Canada for it. But we sat together in Relief Society and when it ended she was like ¨I noticed you bite down on your jaw out of habit, don´t do it. It brings problems to your mouth, neck and back. You also need a mouth guard at night¨ She just started telling me so much haha I loved it. So we will see what happens when we go to her office :)
Well take care and I love you guys soooo much!!

Hermana Blackmore