Monday, 17 November 2014

I have so many memories here

Hola que honda familia!

So this week we had a baptism. Alex got baptized and it was the best day everrrr! 1st of all I had to give a baptism talk and i was super nervous! I think it went well. But Alex´s baptism was soo so special because his dad baptized him. And if you knew his dad before wow you would be amazed at how he's changed in a happy and spiritual way. He's a very serious man and very conservative, but with us he is comfortable around and we make jokes and have great spiritual discussions. So his parents went inactive for about 10 years. After the baptism we planned that his parents would bear their testimonies. As soon as his mom got up she started crying and saying how sorry she was that she had kept Alex from being baptized and that she was preventing him from receiving so many blessings from our Heavenly Father. Then she testified of the Church and said it was true.
I loved hearing Hno Luis´s testimony (the dad) he said ¨I want everyone here to know, but especially my children, that I KNOW this church is true¨ and when he said it he just stared at Alex and his daughter. It was the best thing ever because he is always so quiet about the gospel and doesn´t ever share his testimony. I seriously was holding back tears. Then he thanked us for helping bring them back and I just felt sooo grateful. It was so worth walking in the summer in the hot sun to their house, arriving so sweaty and gross. Worth all the fallen appointments and the efforts of going back to teach them. Worth everything. I would go back and do it all again for that family. They are sooo special and will always have a special place in my heart. 

I feel a little sad because this is my last week in this area. I know i am getting transferred after this and I am going to have such a hard time saying goodbye to everyone, especially that family. I sat by them in church yesterday and told them this was my last week, (the APs told me to pack my stuff because I´m for sure going.) and their faces dropped. I´m just sad too because this is where I started my mission, where I had so many experiences and where I´ve changed so much. I have so many memories here. I can´t imagine how sad I am going to be when I come home and leave Hermosillo. I will definitely want to see you all but there are so many people here who I have gotten close with. Members and investigators. 
So I went with Hna Lucy to her dental office and she cleaned mine and my companion's teeth. First of all, her office is SO nice! It used to be her house then she bought another and turned it into her office. I told her how interested I was in dentistry and we talked the whole time about it! She told me if I ever came back to Hermosillo I can work with her in her office haha. AND I got no cavities :) Super nice lady, she said if we need our teeth cleaned or checked throughout the mission to go to her and she will do it all for free! YAY
Well it has gotten colder somewhat. I see people in the morning with sweaters on and I think they are crazy. In our house we don´t have gas so when we get home at night and shower the water is seriously freeezing!! 
Also today for Pday the zone leaders ordered zone tshirts and we played soccer all day! It was great, I´ll attach some pictures of that and the baptism. You´ll notice my shirt doesn´t say Pitic on the front (zone name) ahaha they´re going to fix that for me!
To be honest I haven´t been wearing contacts because I am too lazy in the mornings to put them on, so I know my eye infection didn´t have to do with contacts. It was definitely the air pollution here, it was windy and dirt got into my eye. Ahh what a story, me and my comp laugh about it all the time now. 
Well I love you all so much! Glad to get so many pictures, I enjoy seeing them each week and showing them to the missionaries around me, Take care, Love you lots!!

Hermana Blackmore