Monday, 24 November 2014

I got transferred to Pueblitos

Hola que onda!

Well looks like I was right, I got transferred to Pueblitos. The most north part of the city and its like the outskirts. It feels super weird. My companion is named Hna Rodriguez and I just thought oh wow what a coincidence that Binas comp is Rodriguez too. Now we are matching!! Haha, we are also opening the area so I am a little stressed about that. 
Most of the areas are in Hermosillo, the hermanas can also go to PeƱasco, Caborca, and Guaymas. Cananea, Nogales, and Agua prieta are Elders only. They are closer to the border so a little more dangerous is what they say.   
I was so sad to leave my area, being so comfortable there and knowing everyone was so great. I was especially sad to leave the familia Quintana. We had a family home evening with them this week and they made me lasagna and cheesecake. I am going to miss them so much. They said if I ever need anything to call them and they will be there. Its great to have a family who you consider your own here on the mission and that you can trust. 

 Hna Leah (my missionary mom) took me to the bus station to pick up my companion and took us all the way to Pueblitos. We got to the house and the previous missionaries left it so dirty. Cob webs everywhere and it looked like it was deserted for years. Hna Leah was shocked and started to clean it lol then was like "This is unacceptable!" But there is nothing we can do about it. So we said goodbye and then she drove back 10 minutes later and had gone to the grocery store and bought us a bunch of food. Such an amazing lady I love her sooo much. 
So before transfers while I was still in Modelo Hna Metler got so sick and threw up on her bed, I didn't make it in time to give her a garbage bag (food poisoning) and wow I can not deal with hearing it, I had to plug my ears I felt so bad! Plus she has a bad cough. So we went to the hospital the next day and the doctor said she was fine, except her ear and said that its a little puffy. Weird that all of it had to do with her ear eh? I am going to miss her she was a great companion as well. I learned a lot from her.
I don't know much about Pueblitos, just that there are over 800 members and only 100 active. I don't even know where to start right now this feels super weird. Right after we write we are going to buy food and fill up the water jugs and finish cleaning the house. 
I can't believe you finally got my letter. That is crazy. I sent that when I was with Hna Lopez way long ago. Don't understand why mailing takes such a long time here. Well I can't think of anything else to say for this week and we don't have much time to write. I miss you all and I'll let you know how my first week goes. LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Blackmore
our investigator Martina cried so hard when I left.I felt so bad! Her eyes are so red. Great people