Monday, 24 November 2014

I got transferred to Pueblitos

Hola que onda!

Well looks like I was right, I got transferred to Pueblitos. The most north part of the city and its like the outskirts. It feels super weird. My companion is named Hna Rodriguez and I just thought oh wow what a coincidence that Binas comp is Rodriguez too. Now we are matching!! Haha, we are also opening the area so I am a little stressed about that. 
Most of the areas are in Hermosillo, the hermanas can also go to PeƱasco, Caborca, and Guaymas. Cananea, Nogales, and Agua prieta are Elders only. They are closer to the border so a little more dangerous is what they say.   
I was so sad to leave my area, being so comfortable there and knowing everyone was so great. I was especially sad to leave the familia Quintana. We had a family home evening with them this week and they made me lasagna and cheesecake. I am going to miss them so much. They said if I ever need anything to call them and they will be there. Its great to have a family who you consider your own here on the mission and that you can trust. 

 Hna Leah (my missionary mom) took me to the bus station to pick up my companion and took us all the way to Pueblitos. We got to the house and the previous missionaries left it so dirty. Cob webs everywhere and it looked like it was deserted for years. Hna Leah was shocked and started to clean it lol then was like "This is unacceptable!" But there is nothing we can do about it. So we said goodbye and then she drove back 10 minutes later and had gone to the grocery store and bought us a bunch of food. Such an amazing lady I love her sooo much. 
So before transfers while I was still in Modelo Hna Metler got so sick and threw up on her bed, I didn't make it in time to give her a garbage bag (food poisoning) and wow I can not deal with hearing it, I had to plug my ears I felt so bad! Plus she has a bad cough. So we went to the hospital the next day and the doctor said she was fine, except her ear and said that its a little puffy. Weird that all of it had to do with her ear eh? I am going to miss her she was a great companion as well. I learned a lot from her.
I don't know much about Pueblitos, just that there are over 800 members and only 100 active. I don't even know where to start right now this feels super weird. Right after we write we are going to buy food and fill up the water jugs and finish cleaning the house. 
I can't believe you finally got my letter. That is crazy. I sent that when I was with Hna Lopez way long ago. Don't understand why mailing takes such a long time here. Well I can't think of anything else to say for this week and we don't have much time to write. I miss you all and I'll let you know how my first week goes. LOVE YOU!!!

Hermana Blackmore
our investigator Martina cried so hard when I left.I felt so bad! Her eyes are so red. Great people   

Monday, 17 November 2014

I have so many memories here

Hola que honda familia!

So this week we had a baptism. Alex got baptized and it was the best day everrrr! 1st of all I had to give a baptism talk and i was super nervous! I think it went well. But Alex´s baptism was soo so special because his dad baptized him. And if you knew his dad before wow you would be amazed at how he's changed in a happy and spiritual way. He's a very serious man and very conservative, but with us he is comfortable around and we make jokes and have great spiritual discussions. So his parents went inactive for about 10 years. After the baptism we planned that his parents would bear their testimonies. As soon as his mom got up she started crying and saying how sorry she was that she had kept Alex from being baptized and that she was preventing him from receiving so many blessings from our Heavenly Father. Then she testified of the Church and said it was true.
I loved hearing Hno Luis´s testimony (the dad) he said ¨I want everyone here to know, but especially my children, that I KNOW this church is true¨ and when he said it he just stared at Alex and his daughter. It was the best thing ever because he is always so quiet about the gospel and doesn´t ever share his testimony. I seriously was holding back tears. Then he thanked us for helping bring them back and I just felt sooo grateful. It was so worth walking in the summer in the hot sun to their house, arriving so sweaty and gross. Worth all the fallen appointments and the efforts of going back to teach them. Worth everything. I would go back and do it all again for that family. They are sooo special and will always have a special place in my heart. 

I feel a little sad because this is my last week in this area. I know i am getting transferred after this and I am going to have such a hard time saying goodbye to everyone, especially that family. I sat by them in church yesterday and told them this was my last week, (the APs told me to pack my stuff because I´m for sure going.) and their faces dropped. I´m just sad too because this is where I started my mission, where I had so many experiences and where I´ve changed so much. I have so many memories here. I can´t imagine how sad I am going to be when I come home and leave Hermosillo. I will definitely want to see you all but there are so many people here who I have gotten close with. Members and investigators. 
So I went with Hna Lucy to her dental office and she cleaned mine and my companion's teeth. First of all, her office is SO nice! It used to be her house then she bought another and turned it into her office. I told her how interested I was in dentistry and we talked the whole time about it! She told me if I ever came back to Hermosillo I can work with her in her office haha. AND I got no cavities :) Super nice lady, she said if we need our teeth cleaned or checked throughout the mission to go to her and she will do it all for free! YAY
Well it has gotten colder somewhat. I see people in the morning with sweaters on and I think they are crazy. In our house we don´t have gas so when we get home at night and shower the water is seriously freeezing!! 
Also today for Pday the zone leaders ordered zone tshirts and we played soccer all day! It was great, I´ll attach some pictures of that and the baptism. You´ll notice my shirt doesn´t say Pitic on the front (zone name) ahaha they´re going to fix that for me!
To be honest I haven´t been wearing contacts because I am too lazy in the mornings to put them on, so I know my eye infection didn´t have to do with contacts. It was definitely the air pollution here, it was windy and dirt got into my eye. Ahh what a story, me and my comp laugh about it all the time now. 
Well I love you all so much! Glad to get so many pictures, I enjoy seeing them each week and showing them to the missionaries around me, Take care, Love you lots!!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 10 November 2014

No biggy, I thought it was just an insect bite

Hello Hello!

So this week was super interesting. On Tuesday I woke up with a little puffy eye. No biggy, I thought it was just an insect bite and all day me and Hermana Metler were making a joke out of it. That night I woke up at 2 in the morning and could not sleep! My eye was swollen shut and half my face was just so sore, it was super nice because Hermana Metler stayed up with me all night and just told me stories so I didnt get scared or think about it. In the morning we phoned Hna Leah, (my missionary mom hehe, I love her so much) I talked to her and asked her if she could take me to the hospital, she is the sweetest lady ever she was calling me ¨mija¨ and ¨mi amor¨ and I started crying on the phone explaining everything cause I was a little freaked out, Lolol. She told us to come over right away to get a priesthood blessing and then go to the hospital. So we went to the hospital and there was a lineup at the front desk to sign in and she just marched up to the front and was like ¨ya I got a missionary here who needs someone right away¨ it was so funny and so latina! reminded me of mom.
The doctors here are horrible. They got mad at me that I didn't come in the first day it was puffy, and they just started prescribing me 3 different pills and eye drops and telling me when to take them. Then i was like ¨okay what do I have?¨ and they finally told me i had an eye infection from the air here in Hermosillo, its been a little windy and lifting all the dirt and sand the past few days. But yeah it was quite an adventure, then Hna Leah took us out to eat and gave me sunglasses to wear because it was so embarrassing everyone was staring at my eye!!! and I got special permission to wear it for the rest of the day even though i looked silly with them at night time ahahaha

this is day 1, no biggie right?

lol!!!! my comp took some sneaky pictures, just letting you know we had like no sleep that night and i look terrible ahaha! 

afterwards Hna Leah took us to a salad store to eat! (with my kewl shades)

coolest missionaries around

us in the garden of Eden!! (a garden center, had super cool plants and flowers)

So ya as you can tell we had some fun things happen this last week haha.
Also, I am soooo excited because this weekend Alex is getting baptized! Remember the family me and Hna Lopez reactivated? Familia Quintana (Hna Leah is the grandma of them) Well Alex is getting baptized and his Dad is baptizing him!!! Its going to be super special I am so happy for them. Tonight we are doing a family home evening altogether.
I love this gospel so much. I have been realizing how true it is that the Lord is preparing his children and that it is our responsibility to find them.
We have been teaching Martina and Rodrigo, I can't remember if I mentioned it in my other emails but Rodrigo is progressing so well, he is almost done Reading 1 Nephi and wants to read the entire book of Mormon. He asks for time off work so we can teach him, he is just so dedicated and has such a strong desire to come unto Christ. I actually had a dream about him before I came on the mission. I remember talking to an older guy with a mustache and there was a black door behind him with red curtains and I was a missionary teaching a lesson. Then as we were teaching him I remembered the dream and later told him about it in better details.
I know this is the Church of Jesus Christ. His church. That through his prophet Thomas S Monson he guides and directs it. My testimony grows every week and I am constantly learning new things. I love my mission so much. There is nothing better I could be doing right now than being right here and serving the Lord. There is not an hour that can be wasted, I want to come home pleased with myself, knowing I put my most best effort into my mission. There is nothing better.
I love you all, take care and until next week! :)

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 3 November 2014

they waited so that his Dad could baptize him


So this week was pretty busy, I feel like they all are haha. But we had intercambios with the Sister Training Leaders. I stayed in my area and I learned a lot from Hna Adamson. I love working with new missionaries and as you said Dad, learning from their techniques and putting it into how I teach.
We have a baptism in 2 weeks. I am super excited. It is for the family me and Hna Lopez reactivated. Their son who is 11 years old is getting baptized, they waited so that his Dad could baptize him. It is going to be super special I cannot wait. They requested if Hna Lopez could be there as well but we have to get permission from President because its a rule that we cant attend baptisms out of our zone. 
Normally in Mexico the people don´t celebrate Halloween, but because Hermosillo is close to the States, the tradition is brought here. So many members were giving us candy we are so sick of it haha.
Yesterday we were giving a member family a lesson. They never have given us names and always say none of their neighbors want to hear the gospel or that they have given all their names out already. But when we were teaching the Spirit was super strong. Both the mom and dad were bearing their testimony and you could definitely feel that peace and comfort of the Holy Ghost. I felt impressed to ask them for names halfway through, but I was scared. Well maybe not scared but I kinda doubted, thinking that they would just say no. But the feeling wouldn´t leave, so I asked ¨Hno and Hna, we know our message is true. That it brings that peace and happiness to our lives, and many people are searching for it and need it as well. Do you have any friends that could benefit from this?¨ Without hesitation the mom was like ¨YES!¨ I was super shocked and jumped a little at how quick she responded, and that they had names! I was definitely grateful for that experience. I have seriously learned so much. 
Going on a mission is better than a year and a half of university. You learn way more and grow so much. My testimony of the Atonement has increased. I know the Saviour lives. I know that the sufferings and pains he went through, he did out of pure love. He lived the hardest life out of anyone who has walked this earth, yet he lived it perfectly. He set the most perfect example to all of us. I like what Jeffrey R Holland said, something like if we want to be disciples of Jesus Christ and say we are as missionaries, we better be prepared to suffer at least a tear of what he felt. And come home saying we did the will of the Father. It is so true. There is not a minute we can waste. It is not easy. Life is hard. But it is the time to show we are willing to make it through, willing to endure the trials and heartache of whatever we may encounter, and come face to face with Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and feel good with our works here on the earth, then enter into His rest. How amazing will that day be? 
I love you all, its good to hear from you each week and know how everyone is doing, sounds like your all busy with your lives and that all is well. How is Brendan doing in school? 
So there is an investigator that the Elders are working with, she is super awesome her name is Lucy and she is a dentist. Guess what? She is going to clean mine and my companions teeth for free! And do a dental check up and everything, I am so excited. Also I told her I want to go into dentistry and she went off about how much she loves it. The schooling in Mexico is different than in Canada for it. But we sat together in Relief Society and when it ended she was like ¨I noticed you bite down on your jaw out of habit, don´t do it. It brings problems to your mouth, neck and back. You also need a mouth guard at night¨ She just started telling me so much haha I loved it. So we will see what happens when we go to her office :)
Well take care and I love you guys soooo much!!

Hermana Blackmore