Monday, 6 October 2014

It is so important to teach the gospel, and teach it right...

Hello Hello!

Well we just got back from a zone activity we had at the church. It was super fun we played soccer again and this time I brought my running shoes and played my best. Everyone was just shocked because I never said anything and no one knew I knew how to play. It was fun. Also one of the Elders bought 4 super hot chilis, I forget what it is called and 2 hermanas and 2 elders had a competition and ate them. Their faces were so red and all of them were crying but they wouldn't drink the milk and loose it was crazy! At the end one hermana couldn't hear very well and the other hermana talked funny! My companion was egging me to do it at first, thank goodness I didn't I don't want a stomach ache after. 
So what did you think of conference? Pretty awesome hey? All the talks were so great but one of my favourites was Elder Neil L. Anderson and how he talked about Joseph Smith wow. It was soooo good! On Saturday I got to watch the sessions in English but on Sunday there weren't any hermanas in the room, only Elders so I wasn't allowed. But I understood it okay and i'll wait for the Liahona to come out and read it better. 
I took a ton of pictures but sadly forgot the cord to plug it into the computer, and I forgot my notes of stuff to tell you and my mind is coming up blank on what to say now, laaame. I haven't heard anything from people in fort, i'd like to hear from Josh but that punk hasn't emailed me. I talk to Raeanne every week as well and you guys! I gave missionaries here candy that mom sent and they loved it. There is sooo much candy here its crazy! Its more the sugary candy than chocolate. Also reminded me, I keep a bunch of family pictures in my scriptures and some hermanas grabbed them and looked at them and seriously all of them were drooling over Brendan. Well not drooling but were like ¨El es bien guapo!!!! Es ex misionero verdad?! Y es soltero?¨ crazy hermanas eh?
On P Days we have a district meeting at 8am and usually have an activity afterwards that we plan. But the new rule on the mission is that we have to stay in the church for all activities. So we play sports and have dinners and watch movies and make stuff up to do. One thing the district leader told us today was that in 2013, 30,000 people got baptized in Mexico, and only 1,000 are now active. How crazy! It is so important to teach the gospel, and teach it right so that your investigator truly gains a personal testimony of it. You don't want to baptize and have them go inactive. Its so important they remain firm and true to the church for the rest of their lives. 
We taught a lesson to an Area Seventy and his family who are in our ward. I was kinda nervous I admit! But he is super nice and the Spirit was super strong. He is in charge of Baja California and Sinaloa. Next week are transfers and I'm pretty sure I am getting a new companion. I'm sad and excited at the same time. I have been with Hermana Lopez for 4 months 24 7. That's a whole semester of school! Its obvious that we know each other really well now. Yesterday I told her ¨Alright Hna, tell me what I need to work on, be honest and just say it¨ So we talked about ways to improve and it has helped me so much! Shes a great companion and she promised me that she will come to Canada to see me when she goes home :)
Sorry I don't have a spiritual thought this week, don't have my notebook with me, and pictures next week because i'll bring my cord! Love you all so much and am glad you are all doing well!

Hermana Blackmore