Monday, 27 October 2014

I want you to know that I know the gospel is true

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? This week was pretty busy. Like you said Dad its interesting adapting to a new companion and learning and changing the methods you use to teach. I like it!
Every Pday we have district meetings and our district leader, Elder Felipe me pregunto si podría hacer la capacitación! It was about como comenzar a enseñar. I was so nervous at first and was happy that it lasted 20 minutes like he asked. It felt short when I planned it but i had ideas coming to my head and scriptures to share with everyone. We also played soccer again outside. YAY.
So it was funny because this week we went to a members house for dinner (another awesome food story to share) and they cooked a hot chili and put cheese inside for us. My companion was saying how she loved spicy food and was all excited to eat it. She took a bite and oh man, she was struggling so bad and kept drinking her water. It was so funny because she was trying to hide it from everyone and I was just laughing at her and watching her face turn red. I definitely won´t forget that. Also one night I was laying on my bed studying and my companion came to see what I was reading and she jumped on my bed and it made a huge noise and one of the legs broke completely off. It was hilarious I couldn´t stop laughing but then wasn´t too funny afterwards because now I have to sleep on an angled bed for a while until it gets fixed (who knows when) I don´t know how bad it is for your back but it hasn´t bothered me too bad. 
Also we went to another members house this last week and she teaches piano, super good. And she started playing modified hymn songs and I just sat there and thought of Grandma the whole time and how beautiful she plays. Then Hna Montoya (the piano player) was like ¨Canta!¨ so I got up and started singing and she played so many pretty songs while I sung, haha it felt like home!
My companion Hna Metler is from Springville Utah, she has been out for almost 9 months now. My mom/trainer went to Villa de Seris as a Sister Training Leader. I talk to her every once in a while because she is super busy all the time. Our ward mission leader works at the gym and gave us an exercise routine to do every morning! I´m pumped to try it out because we have been running every morning and I kinda want to try something new. The Elders and APs told us it was super hard and that they couldn´t finish it, so we´ll see how it goes for us hehe.
I love you all so much. I want you to know that I know the gospel is true. This is the true church of Jesus Christ. Its the only church that has the priesthood authority, or power of God. I know the Book of Mormon blesses families and helps us grow closer to Jesus Christ. Every day I read it I learn something new, it is so hard to put it down. It is my favourite book. I know Thomas S. Monson is a prophet of God, and that Joseph Smith was a true prophet as well. I love testifying to everyone and sharing my testimony because I truly feel the Spirit confirm to me again and again that what I am saying is true. There is no other way to true happiness. 
Take care and I´ll see about sending pictures next week!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 20 October 2014

we just got to pull through and wait on him.

Hi everyone!

How are you all doing? This week was super different, adjusting to a new companion. But my compy is really nice. At first I felt a lot of stress on my back because she depended completely on me since she was new to this area and American. But I just relaxed myself and have learned a ton. 
That is so awesome that the Sister Missionaries went over, when I come home I plan on taking them to a lot of my friends houses. Being on the mission made me realize how important it is to share the gospel and whenever we do practice lessons as a district and I pretend to be the member and the missionary asks for names, I do think of people back home that need the gospel. I think it´d be cool to have a whole day planned out where they come over and I go out with them and take them to peoples houses :)
Guess what? Your going to think I´m crazy but when I get home I want to run a marathon. My companion ran one before the mission and got me so excited to do one. It´ll be fun to train for it and possibly do it the summer following. I was thinking if Bina is up for it she should do it with me. Eh? Its cool because Hna Metler loves running, so we get up every morning and go for a run together. 
We were visiting Martina and she just had an operation on her shoulder. She has been going through so many problems and is really open to the gospel. So we opened the lesson with a song and sang How Great Thou Art. I looked up and she was bawling, and said when we finished ¨How did you know?¨ ¨...know what?¨ ¨My brother passed away last week and we sang that song at his funeral¨ She said she felt so much peace throughout the singing and felt like he was in the room comforting her at that time. It was so spiritual and she is such a nice lady. You really grow to love the people in your area. At the end of this transfer I will have been here for 6 months. I know this place like the back of my hand now, all the streets and names of people. Now the APs and Elders in our ward phone me for directions all the time its kind of funny. I am going to be sad to leave that's for sure. I have a lot of memories here and have gotten super close with many of the families. They are all great people. 
One thing I learned this week is patience. To wait on the Lord´s timing and accept His will. I know that the Lord is always aware of us and loves us so much. He is completely perfect and we aren´t. So why do we try to depend on ourselves when the Lord knows best for us? In the moment it may be hard to understand but we just got to pull through and wait on him. Like when the people of Alma were in bondage to Amulon, and Amulon wouldn´t let them pray but they prayed to the Lord in their hearts for help to free them. It doesn´t say in the scriptures ¨And their burdens ceased immediately and Amulon left them alone and departed¨ instead it said that their burdens were made light. They still had to go through the challenge but the Lord was with them every step of the way. I love that chapter so much I have learned lots from it.
Well family know I think about you all the time and pray for you daily. Don´t worry about me everything is fine (except the heat is still a little uncomfortable)  I can´t remember if I told you but I sent you a letter a few weeks ago. Not sure when you will get it because today I just got a letter from Chet and Angela and I think they sent it in July! Anyways you´ll get it sometime in the future haha, take care and love you all soooo much!!!!
Hermana Blackmore

me and my companion Hermana Metler

Monday, 13 October 2014

My mom! Miss her so much!


Well its true, another week has gone by, and this week was transfers. Okay so we had transfers today.. My companion, Hermana Lopez left to Rio Sonora to be a Sister Training Leader and I have a gringa for a companion her name is Hermana Metler. She is really nice and loves the gym and sports so we talked a lot about that haha. I feel a little nervous because she is still learning Spanish and doesn´t know the area so I feel a little stress on my back. When I left Hermana Lopez it was so hard we both gave each other big hugs and wished each other the best. She was the best mom ever (trainer) and taught me so much. I will definitely keep in contact with her. 
This week was Stake Conference. It was cool because another hermana named Hna Mesquita came up to me and was like ¨Hey your sister is serving in Peru right?¨ And I was like ¨WHAT, how do you know that?¨ and she said that her best friend is companions with her. Sabrinas trainer. What a small world! They went to high school together. Actually even my trainer Hermana Lopez knows Sabrinas companion because they went to Benimerito together. (LDS High School) How cool is that?
Last week we left the house and I forgot my plaque. I only remembered because an Elder was like ¨Hey Hna Blackmore, where's your plaque?¨ I thought he was joking and didn´t even look down I was just thinking uhuh ya okay. Then my companion was like AHH YOU FORGOT YOUR PLAQUE! Seriously I turned beat red. I was sooo embarrassed. Never felt myself turn redder in my life. I was begging my companion to go home so I can get it again but we were so far and had a lesson in 5 minutes. I was holding a book there the whole time. When I got home I was so relieved to put it back on again. 
Made me think about how in the scriptures it says we must take upon ourselves the name of Christ always. And stand as a witness of God at all times, in all things, and all places. As a missionary I have the privilege of representing Jesus Christ but how sad would it be if we had to face God after this life, with embarrassment because we didn´t do the things we should. We didn´t defend him. Alma describes it like we would want to cover ourselves with the mountains or rocks because of how ashamed we are. 
Love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, might, mind and strength. That is the first and greatest commandment because if you love God, you will keep the rest of his commandments. I like how Elder Jeffrey R Holland describes it, The greatest characteristic of love is always loyalty. It is so true. Be completely loyal to the Lord and show you love him.
I love you all and thank you so much for the pictures! As I promised here are mine :)
My mom! Miss her so much!
At general conference waiting for the next session!  
Take care, love you all!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 6 October 2014

It is so important to teach the gospel, and teach it right...

Hello Hello!

Well we just got back from a zone activity we had at the church. It was super fun we played soccer again and this time I brought my running shoes and played my best. Everyone was just shocked because I never said anything and no one knew I knew how to play. It was fun. Also one of the Elders bought 4 super hot chilis, I forget what it is called and 2 hermanas and 2 elders had a competition and ate them. Their faces were so red and all of them were crying but they wouldn't drink the milk and loose it was crazy! At the end one hermana couldn't hear very well and the other hermana talked funny! My companion was egging me to do it at first, thank goodness I didn't I don't want a stomach ache after. 
So what did you think of conference? Pretty awesome hey? All the talks were so great but one of my favourites was Elder Neil L. Anderson and how he talked about Joseph Smith wow. It was soooo good! On Saturday I got to watch the sessions in English but on Sunday there weren't any hermanas in the room, only Elders so I wasn't allowed. But I understood it okay and i'll wait for the Liahona to come out and read it better. 
I took a ton of pictures but sadly forgot the cord to plug it into the computer, and I forgot my notes of stuff to tell you and my mind is coming up blank on what to say now, laaame. I haven't heard anything from people in fort, i'd like to hear from Josh but that punk hasn't emailed me. I talk to Raeanne every week as well and you guys! I gave missionaries here candy that mom sent and they loved it. There is sooo much candy here its crazy! Its more the sugary candy than chocolate. Also reminded me, I keep a bunch of family pictures in my scriptures and some hermanas grabbed them and looked at them and seriously all of them were drooling over Brendan. Well not drooling but were like ¨El es bien guapo!!!! Es ex misionero verdad?! Y es soltero?¨ crazy hermanas eh?
On P Days we have a district meeting at 8am and usually have an activity afterwards that we plan. But the new rule on the mission is that we have to stay in the church for all activities. So we play sports and have dinners and watch movies and make stuff up to do. One thing the district leader told us today was that in 2013, 30,000 people got baptized in Mexico, and only 1,000 are now active. How crazy! It is so important to teach the gospel, and teach it right so that your investigator truly gains a personal testimony of it. You don't want to baptize and have them go inactive. Its so important they remain firm and true to the church for the rest of their lives. 
We taught a lesson to an Area Seventy and his family who are in our ward. I was kinda nervous I admit! But he is super nice and the Spirit was super strong. He is in charge of Baja California and Sinaloa. Next week are transfers and I'm pretty sure I am getting a new companion. I'm sad and excited at the same time. I have been with Hermana Lopez for 4 months 24 7. That's a whole semester of school! Its obvious that we know each other really well now. Yesterday I told her ¨Alright Hna, tell me what I need to work on, be honest and just say it¨ So we talked about ways to improve and it has helped me so much! Shes a great companion and she promised me that she will come to Canada to see me when she goes home :)
Sorry I don't have a spiritual thought this week, don't have my notebook with me, and pictures next week because i'll bring my cord! Love you all so much and am glad you are all doing well!

Hermana Blackmore