Monday, 29 September 2014

we talked about love

Hi family!!

What is up! How did you like Women's Conference mom? I had to watch it in Spanish but I surprised myself and understood it pretty good. The only thing was that I can't write notes and listen at the same time, I forget everything haha. But I'm working on it.
We just got back from the Centro and when we got off the bus it was beside a high school where all these teenagers were waiting to catch the bus as well and one girl came up to me and asked me if I was a gringa. Did you know that only Americans are gringos? I did not know that and at first when I got here I was telling everyone that yeah I was a gringa and then my companion told me that I wasn't. Just a cool fact haha!
I was sad because this week my Book of Mormon ripped down the spine. The cover came completely off! I'm hoping to buy some good glue and glue it back so it never happens again! The most valuable thing I carry in my backpack is the Book of Mormon.
We were also with a member family and their daughter Arela is so cute and talks all the time! If you ask her a question all she says is ¨Porque si.¨ and stares at you with big eyes ahahaha. But she ran off to play with the neighbor and she came back crying because she drank poison that you use to kill rats. I felt so bad for her! But seriously all the kids here put everything in their mouths! Its super easy to get sick if your not careful.
I sent you a letter today by the way so you will get it in what? A month?
We had a family home evening on Friday with Hna Saida. She is a recent convert and invited her sister who isn't a member of the church. It was kinda short notice and so it was hard to plan what message we wanted to share. But we talked about love and how it is essential in the gospel. At the end she asked us ¨What are you transmitting to me? With your words its like your sending something to me in the air¨ and Hna Saida was like ¨ITS THE SPIRIT!!¨ super excited. I really didnt even notice that the Spirit was strongly present. We were just saying what came to mind and asking questions that just came to us. But when she said that I was like whoaa she's right. It's so important to recognize the Spirit. As missionaries who are only thinking and studying the gospel 24 7 it can be hard to notice that the Spirit is with us. But we should always be listening and acting on the promptings we recieve.
Sorry this letter is so short. I love you all and hopefully next week I'll have more stories haha. Take care, I pray every day for you

Hermana Blackmore