Monday, 22 September 2014

the water was half past our knees!

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? This week we had conferencia multi zona. It was so good I learned so much! I loved listening to the President speak. He talked on the Spirit and how there is a difference in having the Spirit and the gift of the Spirit. How if we only learn how important it is to always have the Spirit forever in our lives, we will recieve exaltation. So much good stuff.
The fun part was afterwards we had to walk home and it was pouring rain outside! The streets were flooded and the wáter was half past our knees! It was even funnier that the Hermanas were running through the streets and the Elders held back and didnt want to until we yelled at them and they finally were brave enough to do it ahaha.
​ This is us when we got back to the apartment. Soaking wet! We both got sick with stuffy noses and sore throats the next day but it was pretty fun!
Also my comp forgot her mission tag when we left the house and she didnt realize it until we got out of a lesson! Thank goodness the investigator didnt notice.
Well the weather continues to be super hot here and really nothing much has happened we just keep working and working.
Being here on the mission you grow to love the Book of Mormon. I seriously regret not studying it as much as I do now. I would have learned so much more. It is so so important to read and ponder and apply the stories in your life. Its so cool that every story can be related to yourself in ways. How amazing that that Book was written especially for our day and our time!
This week we were visiting with a less active member and we had a discussion on prayer. How we pray and remember Heavenly Father only when we need him and really depend on him in moments of trial. And forget to give thanks or think about him when we are super happy and things are going great. It really hit me. So then I decided to say a prayer in my heart and give thanks for everything that made me happy or was blessed with. Wow it really made a huge difference in my attitude and helped me realize how blessed I truly am. Everything we have is thanks to him. And yet when we only remember God in difficult times he is still listening to us and will still be there. Wow that is a great amount of love. 
​Another picture of me and my companion. After the rainstorm.
​ This was today! For Pday we made French toast at the church! Lots of the missionaries tried it with kétchup too and liked it when they saw me eating it hehehe
​And this was last week as a zone together on our Pday!
Sorry for the short email but the pictures make up for it eh? Love you all soooo much. You are the best family in the world and remember that God is aware of you. Tenemos un amoroso Padre Celestial. Confiar en El. Confiar en los promesas cuando obedecemos los mandamientos. Como dice la escritura, Yo, el Señor, estoy obligado cuando hacéis lo que os digo, mas cuando no hacéis lo que os digo, ninguna promesa tenéis. El esta dispuesto a cumplir su parte. Pero nosotros tenemos que cumplir nuestros. Seguir a Jesucristo. Yo lo prometo que si esfuerzan con su máximo, va a ver los milagros y la mano de Padre Celestial en su vida. Yo se porque yo ha visto muchas veces y podría sentir la presencia de El en mi trabajo. Se que este es el obra del Señor. Me da mucho gozo y consuelo a saber que si yo sigue trabajando, que Dios va a cuidar a mi familia. Preocupo por ustedes y su bienestar. Siempre ora por cada uno de ustedes individualmente y se que El esta escuchando y al pendiente de todos.
I love you all, have a great week!

Hermana Blackmore