Monday, 15 September 2014

the meaning of sacrifice/work

Hi Dad/family!

How are you doing? This week was good we have a baptism this Saturday!
Today is Independence Day in Mexico and seriously all the stores are closed! It was so hard to find a Papelería to write! Everyone is dressed in Mexican dresses/clothes, and flags everywhere, and its going to be a huge fiesta on the streets. So President told us that we have to be in our houses by 7 today. Also there is suppose to be a crazy rainstorm tonight. All throughout the day it has been super cloudy and dark and its definitely not normal. Sonora is a desert and rarely has clouds. I´m curious to see how rainy it gets and maybe take some pictures :)
We had intercambios this week with the Sister Training Leaders. I went with Hermana Juarez again and this time I went to her area in Las Lomas. I really loved it and enjoyed exploring a new place. I liked working with her and learning new things and different techniques on teaching the doctrine. Also we had a Junta de zona this past week. And tomorrow is the Multi zona where President and the APs will talk. I love going to those.
This week I really learned the meaning of sacrifice/work. We must be willing to give up everything to be disciples of Jesus Christ and completely submitting ourselves to the will of God. No matter how hard things might get it is so important to endure to the end. Let go of everything and forget yourself. Loose yourself in the work of the Lord. That's our purpose in life right? Literally nothing else should matter. We all make mistakes and loose our focus but that is what the Atonement is for, to repent. I like Mosiah 28:3. The Sons of Mosiah knew how unhappy it was to live in sin. It was a horrible feeling for them. It was so hurtful that they desired to preach the gospel and help the people so they wouldn´t have to go through the same suffering they went through, which caused them to quake and tremble. They knew which path brought the most happiness, and desired to leave everything behind to preach the gospel, including the opportunity to be a King. 
Not much else has happened but we have walked a ton! I hope the weather cools down soon, crazy that Canada is getting snow now wow! Whats Tennyson's email? I want to email him. And what's new with everyone? I got the package from Mom. Thank you so much! It was a surprise finding baby pictures inside. I was at zone conference and opened it at the end and everyone was crowding me and grabbed the pictures and looked at them gaaaah hahaha. I love you guys a ton and hope you are doing all you can to strengthen your testimonies and putting the gospel first in your lives. As a missionary I see how Satan works with people and how much happier they can be when they keep the commandments and follow the Saviour. In order for an investigator to progress they must be doing three things. Reading the scriptures, praying, and going to church. I think its the same with members as well no? If we want to progress, we should be doing those three things. I know if we do we will change. I´ve seen it many times. A change where we become closer with our Heavenly Father and realize our true potential, our goal in life. To return to Him. I pray all the time for you all and love you so much!

Hermana Blackmore