Monday, 8 September 2014

sometimes I can't sleep because there are grillos making noises in our house!!!!

Hello Family!

Okay I have to tell you about Martina! She is a reference from Hna Dora. Hna Dora is her neighbor.Her and her son were in her house just talking when they heard a scream in the streets. Their neighbor (Martina) got hit by a car. She was in the hospital for a few days and then came home. So Hna Dora went to visit her and see how she was doing. And she wasnt doing well. So she got her son Ellioth to give her a priesthood blessing and afterwards Martina was asking what was this power because she felt calm, peaceful, and comforted. Hna Dora said she never imagined that Martina would be willing to listen to the góspel because she is super Catolic. She has a big poster hung outside her house of Mary. But she asked to listen to us. Seriously she is the sweetest lady ever and listens so well and started crying in our lessons. Its amazing how the Lord works and prepares his children to hear the gospel. I am excited to work with her. Her son Rigo was also listening to us and asking somewhat complicated questions. Usually Hna Lopez answers the random questions cause she can do it better in Spanish. But the phone rang and she was talking on it. So Rigo was like ¨I Have a question....¨ and the whole time I was like in my head ¨stay cool Solana dont get nervous listen to the Spirit...¨ And he asked a question from the Bible and quoted a verse. I didnt know the answer while he asked the question, but right after it was like BLING and I just started answering him and responded with my knowledge to his question! I was so happy with myself haha.
This week the Ward organized an activity, noche de postres (night of deserts). It was so awesome because every member brought a dessert and an investigator and the investigators were the judges and judged which dessert tasted the best. There were so many people and soo many investigators! I was so proud of the Ward and it was fun! I'll attach pictures :)
 All the investigators the members brought.

all the new desserts to try!!! I was so excited

 the different foods we tried, we would grab the tiniest pieces and yet our plates filled because there was so many to try!
We were teaching a member this week outside his house and he layed his things on his car and went to pick it up and a scorpion fell off!!! It fell right at my feet and i jumped up and screamed a little. I think there are a lot more bugs and stuff out because sometimes I can't sleep because there are grillos making noises in our house! I found two under my suitcase and Hna Lopez stood on her bed and watched until I killed them, I was so freaked out that when I was hitting them with the broom I broke it lol they are huge and jump around gahhhh.
We also have a baptism date set for Alex. He is 11 years old and loves the gospel. I am excited for him! We have been working with his entire family to reactivate them, they are great! Alex and his sister Gracia are in an English-Spanish school and I help them with their homework, its fun.
I really enjoyed reading Mosiah 23. Alma and his people, who were baptized, were living righteously. Walking uprightly before God and prospering. Then it says in vs 21, con todo, el Señor considera conveniente castigar a su pueblo, si, el prueba su paciencia y su fe. As members of the Church we cant think that because we are doing all we can, living righteously and keeping the commandments, that we will not be tried. That is the purpose of why we are here. Reading that verse made me think of some of the challenges I went through before coming on my mission. Challenges try our patience and faith. How much strength did I have in those attributes? To be honest I murmered a lot. And often asked why me, why does this have to happen to me. As I read that verse it was like a light clicked. Where was my patience? Where was my faith in the lord? Part of Gods plan was that we come down to earth to be tested, gain experience, be tried,and progress. That is the reason why we are here. When we have patience in faith we have trust in God that everything will be okay, we have him on our side. The next verse says, Sin embargo, quien pone su confianza en el será enaltecido en el postrer día. Si, y así fue con este pueblo. I like that even though the people were living righteous lives, they put their trust in God and didn't murmur when they were tried. They were then blessed.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Blackmore