Thursday, 4 September 2014

September is the hottest month...!

Hello how is everyone doing?

This week was a bit interesting haha. We ate at a members house and I´ve never had to struggle to eat the food before as I had to then. The member asked me if I had eaten liver before but I didn´t know the word in Spanish and was like no I´ll try it. She brought a plate of this weird smelly meat heaped with onions on top!! I looked at my companion and was like HELP!!!!!!! I have now eaten liver, head, tongue, and stomach. What next?
Oh also we were heading back to our house it was almost 9 and guess what? I accidentally left the keys in the house and we were locked out. We were sitting on the side of the road waiting for the renter to come and open it for us and he couldn´t come until 10! I felt like a bum sitting there because we also were talking to our district leader and he was telling us about transfers. Me and my companion are staying together which is surprising, normally your only together for training and then get changed. But the Lord knows best and there is a reason why we are together still and we are fine with it. I am now done my training wow!
I also was sleep talking this week ahhhhh. I woke up Hna Lopez twice. The first time I said ¨dangit ya es tarde!¨ and the other time I was saying ¨no!¨ super loud, tossing and turning and she woke up so fast lolol whoopsie.
So the weather has been cooling down eh? LUCKY. Now everyone is saying September is the hottest month... next month everyone will say October is the hottest and so on. But it is really hot out.
I agree with Sabrina, I love the mission. There are hard times for sure but the good times outweigh the bad ones and make it all so worth it. It really opens your eyes to the gospel and gives you a whole new perspective on things. I learn more and more each day and know this is the greatest thing anyone could do in their lives. How is Ten doing? Is he excited to go out? 
Sorry this is so short this week, nothing much has really changed. But I will attach some pictures for you haha I love you all so much and think about you. Always rely on the Lord and know that he is aware of you and right beside you through times of trial. 

Hermana Blackmore
LOOK AT MY NAME! Its on lots of cars haha
Waiting for the bus