Monday, 29 September 2014

we talked about love

Hi family!!

What is up! How did you like Women's Conference mom? I had to watch it in Spanish but I surprised myself and understood it pretty good. The only thing was that I can't write notes and listen at the same time, I forget everything haha. But I'm working on it.
We just got back from the Centro and when we got off the bus it was beside a high school where all these teenagers were waiting to catch the bus as well and one girl came up to me and asked me if I was a gringa. Did you know that only Americans are gringos? I did not know that and at first when I got here I was telling everyone that yeah I was a gringa and then my companion told me that I wasn't. Just a cool fact haha!
I was sad because this week my Book of Mormon ripped down the spine. The cover came completely off! I'm hoping to buy some good glue and glue it back so it never happens again! The most valuable thing I carry in my backpack is the Book of Mormon.
We were also with a member family and their daughter Arela is so cute and talks all the time! If you ask her a question all she says is ¨Porque si.¨ and stares at you with big eyes ahahaha. But she ran off to play with the neighbor and she came back crying because she drank poison that you use to kill rats. I felt so bad for her! But seriously all the kids here put everything in their mouths! Its super easy to get sick if your not careful.
I sent you a letter today by the way so you will get it in what? A month?
We had a family home evening on Friday with Hna Saida. She is a recent convert and invited her sister who isn't a member of the church. It was kinda short notice and so it was hard to plan what message we wanted to share. But we talked about love and how it is essential in the gospel. At the end she asked us ¨What are you transmitting to me? With your words its like your sending something to me in the air¨ and Hna Saida was like ¨ITS THE SPIRIT!!¨ super excited. I really didnt even notice that the Spirit was strongly present. We were just saying what came to mind and asking questions that just came to us. But when she said that I was like whoaa she's right. It's so important to recognize the Spirit. As missionaries who are only thinking and studying the gospel 24 7 it can be hard to notice that the Spirit is with us. But we should always be listening and acting on the promptings we recieve.
Sorry this letter is so short. I love you all and hopefully next week I'll have more stories haha. Take care, I pray every day for you

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 22 September 2014

the water was half past our knees!

Hey everyone!

How are you all doing? This week we had conferencia multi zona. It was so good I learned so much! I loved listening to the President speak. He talked on the Spirit and how there is a difference in having the Spirit and the gift of the Spirit. How if we only learn how important it is to always have the Spirit forever in our lives, we will recieve exaltation. So much good stuff.
The fun part was afterwards we had to walk home and it was pouring rain outside! The streets were flooded and the wáter was half past our knees! It was even funnier that the Hermanas were running through the streets and the Elders held back and didnt want to until we yelled at them and they finally were brave enough to do it ahaha.
​ This is us when we got back to the apartment. Soaking wet! We both got sick with stuffy noses and sore throats the next day but it was pretty fun!
Also my comp forgot her mission tag when we left the house and she didnt realize it until we got out of a lesson! Thank goodness the investigator didnt notice.
Well the weather continues to be super hot here and really nothing much has happened we just keep working and working.
Being here on the mission you grow to love the Book of Mormon. I seriously regret not studying it as much as I do now. I would have learned so much more. It is so so important to read and ponder and apply the stories in your life. Its so cool that every story can be related to yourself in ways. How amazing that that Book was written especially for our day and our time!
This week we were visiting with a less active member and we had a discussion on prayer. How we pray and remember Heavenly Father only when we need him and really depend on him in moments of trial. And forget to give thanks or think about him when we are super happy and things are going great. It really hit me. So then I decided to say a prayer in my heart and give thanks for everything that made me happy or was blessed with. Wow it really made a huge difference in my attitude and helped me realize how blessed I truly am. Everything we have is thanks to him. And yet when we only remember God in difficult times he is still listening to us and will still be there. Wow that is a great amount of love. 
​Another picture of me and my companion. After the rainstorm.
​ This was today! For Pday we made French toast at the church! Lots of the missionaries tried it with kétchup too and liked it when they saw me eating it hehehe
​And this was last week as a zone together on our Pday!
Sorry for the short email but the pictures make up for it eh? Love you all soooo much. You are the best family in the world and remember that God is aware of you. Tenemos un amoroso Padre Celestial. Confiar en El. Confiar en los promesas cuando obedecemos los mandamientos. Como dice la escritura, Yo, el Señor, estoy obligado cuando hacéis lo que os digo, mas cuando no hacéis lo que os digo, ninguna promesa tenéis. El esta dispuesto a cumplir su parte. Pero nosotros tenemos que cumplir nuestros. Seguir a Jesucristo. Yo lo prometo que si esfuerzan con su máximo, va a ver los milagros y la mano de Padre Celestial en su vida. Yo se porque yo ha visto muchas veces y podría sentir la presencia de El en mi trabajo. Se que este es el obra del Señor. Me da mucho gozo y consuelo a saber que si yo sigue trabajando, que Dios va a cuidar a mi familia. Preocupo por ustedes y su bienestar. Siempre ora por cada uno de ustedes individualmente y se que El esta escuchando y al pendiente de todos.
I love you all, have a great week!

Hermana Blackmore  

Monday, 15 September 2014

the meaning of sacrifice/work

Hi Dad/family!

How are you doing? This week was good we have a baptism this Saturday!
Today is Independence Day in Mexico and seriously all the stores are closed! It was so hard to find a Papelería to write! Everyone is dressed in Mexican dresses/clothes, and flags everywhere, and its going to be a huge fiesta on the streets. So President told us that we have to be in our houses by 7 today. Also there is suppose to be a crazy rainstorm tonight. All throughout the day it has been super cloudy and dark and its definitely not normal. Sonora is a desert and rarely has clouds. I´m curious to see how rainy it gets and maybe take some pictures :)
We had intercambios this week with the Sister Training Leaders. I went with Hermana Juarez again and this time I went to her area in Las Lomas. I really loved it and enjoyed exploring a new place. I liked working with her and learning new things and different techniques on teaching the doctrine. Also we had a Junta de zona this past week. And tomorrow is the Multi zona where President and the APs will talk. I love going to those.
This week I really learned the meaning of sacrifice/work. We must be willing to give up everything to be disciples of Jesus Christ and completely submitting ourselves to the will of God. No matter how hard things might get it is so important to endure to the end. Let go of everything and forget yourself. Loose yourself in the work of the Lord. That's our purpose in life right? Literally nothing else should matter. We all make mistakes and loose our focus but that is what the Atonement is for, to repent. I like Mosiah 28:3. The Sons of Mosiah knew how unhappy it was to live in sin. It was a horrible feeling for them. It was so hurtful that they desired to preach the gospel and help the people so they wouldn´t have to go through the same suffering they went through, which caused them to quake and tremble. They knew which path brought the most happiness, and desired to leave everything behind to preach the gospel, including the opportunity to be a King. 
Not much else has happened but we have walked a ton! I hope the weather cools down soon, crazy that Canada is getting snow now wow! Whats Tennyson's email? I want to email him. And what's new with everyone? I got the package from Mom. Thank you so much! It was a surprise finding baby pictures inside. I was at zone conference and opened it at the end and everyone was crowding me and grabbed the pictures and looked at them gaaaah hahaha. I love you guys a ton and hope you are doing all you can to strengthen your testimonies and putting the gospel first in your lives. As a missionary I see how Satan works with people and how much happier they can be when they keep the commandments and follow the Saviour. In order for an investigator to progress they must be doing three things. Reading the scriptures, praying, and going to church. I think its the same with members as well no? If we want to progress, we should be doing those three things. I know if we do we will change. I´ve seen it many times. A change where we become closer with our Heavenly Father and realize our true potential, our goal in life. To return to Him. I pray all the time for you all and love you so much!

Hermana Blackmore

Monday, 8 September 2014

sometimes I can't sleep because there are grillos making noises in our house!!!!

Hello Family!

Okay I have to tell you about Martina! She is a reference from Hna Dora. Hna Dora is her neighbor.Her and her son were in her house just talking when they heard a scream in the streets. Their neighbor (Martina) got hit by a car. She was in the hospital for a few days and then came home. So Hna Dora went to visit her and see how she was doing. And she wasnt doing well. So she got her son Ellioth to give her a priesthood blessing and afterwards Martina was asking what was this power because she felt calm, peaceful, and comforted. Hna Dora said she never imagined that Martina would be willing to listen to the góspel because she is super Catolic. She has a big poster hung outside her house of Mary. But she asked to listen to us. Seriously she is the sweetest lady ever and listens so well and started crying in our lessons. Its amazing how the Lord works and prepares his children to hear the gospel. I am excited to work with her. Her son Rigo was also listening to us and asking somewhat complicated questions. Usually Hna Lopez answers the random questions cause she can do it better in Spanish. But the phone rang and she was talking on it. So Rigo was like ¨I Have a question....¨ and the whole time I was like in my head ¨stay cool Solana dont get nervous listen to the Spirit...¨ And he asked a question from the Bible and quoted a verse. I didnt know the answer while he asked the question, but right after it was like BLING and I just started answering him and responded with my knowledge to his question! I was so happy with myself haha.
This week the Ward organized an activity, noche de postres (night of deserts). It was so awesome because every member brought a dessert and an investigator and the investigators were the judges and judged which dessert tasted the best. There were so many people and soo many investigators! I was so proud of the Ward and it was fun! I'll attach pictures :)
 All the investigators the members brought.

all the new desserts to try!!! I was so excited

 the different foods we tried, we would grab the tiniest pieces and yet our plates filled because there was so many to try!
We were teaching a member this week outside his house and he layed his things on his car and went to pick it up and a scorpion fell off!!! It fell right at my feet and i jumped up and screamed a little. I think there are a lot more bugs and stuff out because sometimes I can't sleep because there are grillos making noises in our house! I found two under my suitcase and Hna Lopez stood on her bed and watched until I killed them, I was so freaked out that when I was hitting them with the broom I broke it lol they are huge and jump around gahhhh.
We also have a baptism date set for Alex. He is 11 years old and loves the gospel. I am excited for him! We have been working with his entire family to reactivate them, they are great! Alex and his sister Gracia are in an English-Spanish school and I help them with their homework, its fun.
I really enjoyed reading Mosiah 23. Alma and his people, who were baptized, were living righteously. Walking uprightly before God and prospering. Then it says in vs 21, con todo, el Señor considera conveniente castigar a su pueblo, si, el prueba su paciencia y su fe. As members of the Church we cant think that because we are doing all we can, living righteously and keeping the commandments, that we will not be tried. That is the purpose of why we are here. Reading that verse made me think of some of the challenges I went through before coming on my mission. Challenges try our patience and faith. How much strength did I have in those attributes? To be honest I murmered a lot. And often asked why me, why does this have to happen to me. As I read that verse it was like a light clicked. Where was my patience? Where was my faith in the lord? Part of Gods plan was that we come down to earth to be tested, gain experience, be tried,and progress. That is the reason why we are here. When we have patience in faith we have trust in God that everything will be okay, we have him on our side. The next verse says, Sin embargo, quien pone su confianza en el será enaltecido en el postrer día. Si, y así fue con este pueblo. I like that even though the people were living righteous lives, they put their trust in God and didn't murmur when they were tried. They were then blessed.
Well I love you all and hope you have a great week!!

Hermana Blackmore

Thursday, 4 September 2014

September is the hottest month...!

Hello how is everyone doing?

This week was a bit interesting haha. We ate at a members house and I´ve never had to struggle to eat the food before as I had to then. The member asked me if I had eaten liver before but I didn´t know the word in Spanish and was like no I´ll try it. She brought a plate of this weird smelly meat heaped with onions on top!! I looked at my companion and was like HELP!!!!!!! I have now eaten liver, head, tongue, and stomach. What next?
Oh also we were heading back to our house it was almost 9 and guess what? I accidentally left the keys in the house and we were locked out. We were sitting on the side of the road waiting for the renter to come and open it for us and he couldn´t come until 10! I felt like a bum sitting there because we also were talking to our district leader and he was telling us about transfers. Me and my companion are staying together which is surprising, normally your only together for training and then get changed. But the Lord knows best and there is a reason why we are together still and we are fine with it. I am now done my training wow!
I also was sleep talking this week ahhhhh. I woke up Hna Lopez twice. The first time I said ¨dangit ya es tarde!¨ and the other time I was saying ¨no!¨ super loud, tossing and turning and she woke up so fast lolol whoopsie.
So the weather has been cooling down eh? LUCKY. Now everyone is saying September is the hottest month... next month everyone will say October is the hottest and so on. But it is really hot out.
I agree with Sabrina, I love the mission. There are hard times for sure but the good times outweigh the bad ones and make it all so worth it. It really opens your eyes to the gospel and gives you a whole new perspective on things. I learn more and more each day and know this is the greatest thing anyone could do in their lives. How is Ten doing? Is he excited to go out? 
Sorry this is so short this week, nothing much has really changed. But I will attach some pictures for you haha I love you all so much and think about you. Always rely on the Lord and know that he is aware of you and right beside you through times of trial. 

Hermana Blackmore
LOOK AT MY NAME! Its on lots of cars haha
Waiting for the bus