Saturday, 16 August 2014

we would do pretty much anything

Hi Dad!

How are you doing? That is crazy you went to Raymond to pick up Vicky already. It feels like the weeks go by so fast. In the blink of an eye its Sunday and then all of a sudden Saturday comes by. Where does the week go? 
I made my companion teach me lesson 1 in English and I enjoyed it because she made me teach it 3 times a day to her the first few weeks I got here so she totally understood how I felt and got frustrated not being able to say words in Spanish it was awesome. Also I have a Spanish verb conjugation book that has seriously helped me a whole lot! Words I´ve been saying wrong in past, present, or future tense and it has helped me improve a ton.
So last week we went to visit Omar and he wasn´t there so we gave a lesson to his Nana and nephew and at the end he came in and I was like ¨Omar! Good to see you can you please share you testimony with your Nana and nephew?¨ And he said yes very happily and sat down, it was surprising because he is always shy and doesn´t like praying in front of them even. This is how the conversation went between me and him,
¨Yes I´ll bear my testimony, whats a testimony?¨
¨It´s what you believe and know is true like in fast and testimony meeting when members go up and share theirs, listen I´ll share mine first¨
¨No I want to!!!¨
¨Yo creo que la iglesia es verdadero...¨
¨No its yo se because its what you know!¨
¨Ah okay! Yo se...¨
And he gave a heartfelt testimony it was so good and the Spirit was so strong!
We have gotten close to that family they are great and Omar´s Nana tells us to call her nana or abuela and says we are her girls haha she is hilarious I´ll attach a picture of me and her yesterday night. She asked me how the houses are built in Canada and I was like ¨Oh they are more sealed than here so that the cold air doesn´t come inside¨ and she was like ¨A poco! (Oh really!) Siempre es oscuro adentro porque no hay ventanas?¨ (It must always be dark inside because there are no windows?) Jaja que chistoso :) (Ha ha that's funny)
I love the words of King Benjamin. So much good stuff to learn in Mosiah by him. One part I really liked was in Mosiah 2 vs 36 to 39. Now that we know the gospel and the truth, there is no turning back. We cannot go back to how we were with this knowledge. We now have a responsibility to live it and share it. If we do choose to rebel the Spirit will be withdrawn from us because the Spirit of the Lord cannot dwell in unholy temples and we will have to stand before God with guilt, pain, and anguish. I like verse 41. The gospel is what brings us happiness. Why should we want to turn back? That would be crazy why would you want to give up that happiness, and for what? It says if we live the gospel and endure to the end we will be blessed with things temporally and spiritually here on the earth, and then, live with God in a state of never ending happiness. Wow. What would we do to have never ending happiness and never experience sadness no more? I think we would do pretty much anything, here in this world there are a lot of selfish people, and the natural man within us is greedy and wants things for himself. It´s sometimes hard to realize that the greatest happiness is the gospel. We are invited to come and buy without money and without price and feed our spirits, feasting on that which perisheth not, which are the words of Christ. Isn´t it amazing?
Yesterday at church me and my companion were pretty bummed out because none of our investigators came. We sat in Gospel Doctrine class at the front and when it was over the Elders came over and were like ¨Did you say hi to Omar?¨ We thought they were kidding around and told them to stop and not be mean and they were like no we are serious! We didn´t believe them and they left and then Omar came over and was like hey hermanas the Elders said you wanted to see me? Seriously I was so happy! And glad he made the decision to come because usually we have to phone him and make sure he has a ride, but he came all by himself this time :)
Well I love you guys and hope you are doing family scripture study, prayers, and family home evening. If not I ask you ¨Will you commit to reading the scriptures and pray daily, and do family home evening every week together?¨ 
Okay thanks I know the Lord will bless you if you do. I have seen it here on the mission. And whenever I´m asked to tell stories about my family I think of the times we were together, doing family home evening, or talking about the gospel. Those were the times we grew closer together and some of the best times we had. Please don´t stop okay? It´s super important. I love you so much!

Hermana Blackmore