Monday, 4 August 2014

Getting up is what matters


First I got to ask if you got my letter? I sent it like 3 weeks ago! Well this week was a bit hard. Omar decided to wait to get baptized and when he told us that I seriously felt like someone stabbed me in the heart and wanted to cry. It was so hard to hold in but I did because he would feel bad if he saw. So hopefully in time he will make that decision. We will keep working with him. We have other investigators but he is the one that has been progressing really well. 
I was reading in 2 Nephi 33 V2 and 3. Many people hardened their hearts to the point where the Holy Spirit could not dwell with them and were putting things of no value above what should be. This saddened Nephi. To the point where he prayed for them and literally cried for his people at night. He really understood the importance of the gospel and making that decision to follow the Saviour. He wanted them to make that choice and experience that happiness. At that time Nephi was old. He was going to die very soon. I imagine myself, being a leader of a people and close to my death, what would I want them to know before I died? Nephi, in desperation, proclaimed to his people to repent. In V5 he speaks plainly and harshly of the truth. I like how he said that the righteous will not be angry but those who sin and are under the influence of Satan will be because they know it is true and are allowing Satan, and anger overpower them instead of being humble and repentant. Then in V10 he states clearly that if we do not believe in his words but believe in Christ, then we will believe in his words because they teach all men to do good and are of Christ. V11, If we choose to ignore it, Christ will show unto us at the last day it is true. And Nephi will stand face to face with us and we will know he was commanded of the Lord to write the things he did.
We will be judged of our doings and actions and if we chose to follow God and his prophets. I like how plain Nephi is, he doesn't beg the people to believe him. Yes he wants them to believe him but how he says it is ¨I was commanded by God to write these things and if you choose to not believe, thats your decision, we all have our agency so go ahead and choose. But if you don't believe know that it was stand as a witness to you at the judgement bar and will have to answer to God.¨ 
I just love how blunt he is, he knew the things written in the scriptures were true, that he was commanded of God to write them. Now it is up to us. Part of it is not only believing but acting. Do our actions show that we we love our Heavenly Father and that we are striving to follow His Son? Of course none of us are perfect, we all make mistakes. But our loving Heavenly Father will always be there when we decide to do whats right.
I think of Simon Peter. He was an apostle of the Lord and witnessed so many of the miracles Jesus performed while he was on the earth. Even he needed to be reminded of this. In John 21 after Jesus died Simon Peter and the disciples decided to go fishing, not knowing what else to do. Then Jesus appeared and asked Simon 3 times ¨Do you love me? Feed my sheep¨ Do we love the Lord? How many times does he have to ask us that same question because our actions show otherwise? No matter how many times we have to be reminded, Heavenly Father will have the patience and love to remind us again and again. because we all fall short. But getting up is what matters and what is necessary to progress in this life. 
Well this month is the hot month of August. Yesterday I got out of church and my arms were stinging and we were only outside for 5 minutes but the sun was just beating down like crazy. 
Also it is the month of mangoes! All the mangoes on the trees are ripe! Alfonzo has a mango tree and we helped him pick the mangoes and he gave us a bagful, I was sooooo happy! I also now drink only soy milk, I got into the habit and I like it. At first it was hard but you get used to the taste and its way healthier for you. :) 
We work a lot with the members. There is a rule in all of Mexico that missionaries cannot go door to door contacting. They want you to work with members and involve them. Well not much else has happened, I love you all and am glad you guys are enjoying your summer! Until next time!

Hermana Blackmore