Monday, 25 August 2014

Do not be deceived...


How are you all doing? We are pretty excited because Omar is getting baptized this Saturday! I am so excited for him and to see his progress from day 1, wow. When we teach him in the scriptures and ask him for his comments he gives super good replies and it feels like we are teaching a member because he knows everything now! It´s like he is teaching us! Haha.
Another awesome thing happened. On Sunday Familia Quintana came to church again! And this time the husband came too!! I found out they have been inactive for 10 years! So this week has been good :)
I also can´t believe that I finish my training this week. Wow time goes by sooo fast this week marks 3 months for me. Next monday is cambios and I think Hna Lopez might be leaving sadly! Gaaaaah I just don´t want to finish my training it makes me nervous! 
Another thing, I got sick Monday night. I was up all night vomitting blaaaah and we had to spend the day at home. The whole time I was thinking of how bad I wanted some of Moms arroz aguado. We then walked to a members home and she fed us soup that was similar to it :)
Just like Bina we too had a rainstorm. We were walking to the Bishops house and when it rains the streets are seriously flooded and we had to cross so many! My skirt was soaked to my thighs from running through the roads and watching Hna Lopez scream and freak out was hilarious. The first street we crossed she refused at first. And I was like ¨Hna, we have to. Just do it with me. 1 2 3!¨ And I ran and she watched and was like NO WAY! Then she finally did and I laughed at her but I´m sure I looked just as ridiculous haha! The water is super dirty so we had to change our tights, shoes, and skirts when we got back or else we could get sick. I wished I had my camera with me to take pictures of the roads :(
I am studying in Mosiah still. So much good stuff. But I left my study journal in the apartment. So sorry! One part I liked from the top of my head was Mosiah 11. How easily blinded are we by the things of the world? Sometimes the things of the world can be so appealing and misleading. In the scriptures it says that King Noah commanded that his throne and the throne of his priests be built with gold and precious materials so that when they taught, the people would believe their words and be easier to mislead them.
It can be so easy to focus on the things of the world and be so caught up in pride that we are slow to remember the Lord. We think the things of the world are worth a lot but in reality, no. Plain and simple, it is deceiving. Many times it can seem that way. And can get to the same point as King Noah who said in vs 27, Who is the Lord?
Are we really that caught up that we forget our Heavenly Father and that thanks to him we have what we have in this life? Do we have to get to the point where we will have to be destroyed or face the consequences of our actions to realize this? We know the only way to have eternal happiness is through the gospel of Jesus Christ. Nothing else matters. Do not be deceived by the materials of the world. In JST 1 vs 37 it says treasure and study the scriptures so we are not deceived. We are promised that if we study the BOM, it will strengthen our desire to keep the commandments and increase our testimony of Jesus Christ. We will realize what matters in life.
Wish I had my journal to share my thoughts better on that!
I love you all and sounds like your keeping busy! Vicky that is so awesome you got to meet the General YW President, wow! And I say the same as Bina, Ten what the heck why haven´t you written me?
You are always in my prayers, 


Hermana Blackmore